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And Manic Love
a year ago·Reply
I was born on the cusp so Joonmyeon and/or Kyungsoo. I could see it...kinda....not really...
a year ago·Reply
Tao and Manic love! I love Tao so much but I'm more crazy in love with sehun!!! he's been my favorite since the beginning of my love for exo a couple of years ago but tao is so darn cute and adorable that I love them both so dearly
a year ago·Reply
I got Kyungsoo, my bias.
a year ago·Reply
I got my Channie Bear and since I'm a Pisces well it's true I do love unconditionally. He is one of my specials my main man will forever be Minseok. But ChanYeol is also my special too. So I'm happy I got him if I could get Minseok. What's not to love about ChanYeol I can't think of one thing.
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