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a being honest session

Theirs this guy who is head over heels in love with this girl. the girl is a little shy but she loved the boy as well. the boy and girl had these feelings for about a decade. so the boy decides to ask the girl out.
the boy shouted out his confession " what if I said i love you? the truth is. . . well you see the thing is. . .(thinks to himself (you can do this)) I love you. I've loved you from the start. your the only one I've been dreaming and thinking about. I was wondering if you wanted to become my girl. . .girl. . .girlfriend!!!!!.
the girl responsed "i don't know if I can respond right now. can I have a little time to think." the boy grab her by the hand and kissed her. he whispers "you can take all the time you need to answer this but don't wait too long" (thinking to himself) the boy let's go of her hand and walks home.
the boy starts to have an unlimited amount of ideas and thoughts. everything he does is something for or towards her. this goes on for a week before he sees her casually walking down the street form the convenient store. he tries to hide but she spots him instantaneously.
the girl comes and confronts him. the boy tried to run but ended up in a corner and couldn't escape the fate that was going to happen to him. the girl explained to the boy that she doesn't like him like that. the boys only response was to weep. the boy tried to hide his tears but what was the use. the boy held back his tears and put up a front. thanks for telling me the truth. I hope we can still be friends. the girl responded "yea let's still be friends" the boy and girl walked out of the ally. they started to part ways. the boy said something as a train started to go by In the distance. the boy said "I'll always love you" and the train passed by and the girl couldn't hear it. the boy then sprinted home.
the boy started staying home from school for a couple of days. the girl started to get worried and visted his house. she walked into his room. the room was trashed and their was nothing but a note on the desk. the girl began reading the note "everyone walks down the road of life in a different manner than anyone else. sometimes theirs a path we take and then again theirs the backdoor. love is a endless stream of roads and path ways. everyone has been moving forward as for me I've been back tracking the path I want to follow and I'm searching the path that lead me here today. I'll find something if I go backwards and look from another perspective. I hope that I will find--------------------. the girl stop reading the note and the girl started to cry. the tears kept flowing like a endless stream of water that keeps flowing and never ceases to stop
let me know if you want more to the story. I've been writing stories for a while and I want to know if you want to hear the rest. just tagging a few people @shinigamisan @LilianaZeferino @harleydawn
@Alcides13 @KageTsuki040910 @CrazyOtaku3 @TheRedWolf35 @PASCUASIO @Silverfang @LorettaHon @AlexisUlloa @LorettaHon @KimmieSama @KainaFox @Shinoa143 . I'll upload the next part soon so sorry if I'm taking to long ,but I'm still thinking a little bit of how long I want this story to go.
why would you cut me off from the rest of that story.
I wanna know how you end it
... If I don't get the rest of the story, im gonna go crazy with all of the questions that are in my head...
I liked to read what's happened next. Where did the guy go, what is the girl gonna do, well they ever actually be together? I want to answer these questions so please continue with the story
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