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Wow, I'm still shocked and just in awe about having the honor of being a moderator (for the Q3 period)for these beautiful babies:


I shall do my best to bring you beautiful spams and lovely cards about my yet, not so popular babies. (even though they had the biggest Hallyu Event concert at KCON NY) ♡♡♡ hopefully they were known & loved.
I truly adore these boys and hopefully this Q3 period I may help you adore them as well, even just one. A quick about me perhaps?? I just don't know what I should say, it's quite not as intriguing as the Seventeen members. DK approves of me so that should be a good start. jaja He says so right below. v
Jaja..well then A quick guideline, perhaps similar to most communities as well: ■Cards made and wanting to be uploaded in the Seventeen Community must be:■ -Related (mention of members, interaction with other groups esp SVT, individual members, appreciation..) ■Cards that will be discarded or taken down:■ -Rudeness or bashing or unpopular opinions is not acceptable (Basically no negative cards/feedback X) That will be a major no no (Vinny) -Being rude to other Vingle familia will also not be tolerated and you will go bye bye. This is for a beautiful bonding moment and I hope everyone will feel the same.
Just look at how fun they are!!!! lol


So if anyone would like to help and join me in driving this 13 lanes fandom.... please message me or Kakao me. #●♡●# Let's work together to spread the Diamond love.

Diamond Besos! :*

Congrats!!!! 😆💙💙💙💙
@AimeeH thank you. 😚 and congrats to you too!!! can't wait for more awesomeness from you and your cards.
Congrats Sweetheart!!
@IsoldaPazo You're welcome dear and thank you soo much