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Today is none other than: our precious leader N's birthday!!!!
N is such a caring and sweet person, it's hard to believe that such a wonderful person even exists. He has the personality to put others before himself, and he spends so much of his time caring for our group and making sure everything is going to go smoothly. He's talented, and knows how to let everyone's separate talents and personalities shine.
N is the overbearing and lovely member, who is often just as crazy as everyone else. He keeps things running smoothly to the best of his abilities, and is willing to put his own needs aside for the members. He's a very talented person and gradually we are starting to see more of his fantastic talents shine. Most often others recognize him as just a great leader, which he undoubtedly is!!
I anticipate seeing more of this beautiful man in the years to come. Vixx fighting! N fighting!!! <3
(This was supposed to be up earlier. Sorry about the scheduling error!!!)
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