2 years ago500+ Views cute is that fan art (credit to the artist) Lord this video made me crave a piragüa...I think it's snowball in english lol sorry, it's a PR slang. But omo, how beautiful are they and I can't wait for this repackaged album. Now I feel obligated to get the albums...yes albums. All of them lol.
Vocal Unit Stills -Dokyeom -Seungkwan -Joshua -Woozi -Jeonghan
Hip Hop Unit Stills -S.Coups -Mingyu -Wonwoo -Vernon
Performance Unit Stills -Hoshi -The8 -Jun -Dino
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This is Awesome now most if not all of the Boys group Community have a Moderator isn't this great 😆😆Daebak!!
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