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roll call
2) im 17 names taemi i love kpop to no end no lie im asian i do kpop dance covers and ive been auditioning out for companies like bighit and sm, i love reading on my spare time music is my life and so is dancing i love kids because they are adorable and cute i can never get enough if them im very small and short and im very shy around new people until i get to now them im weird and ik that lol
3) my fav top 5 kpop groups are BTS EXO imfinite B.A.P and teentop~!!
4) beast and 2pm haha
5) my ultimate bias is taehyung~!!!!! bby tae~ 6) i already told them all haha 7) what i like about ot kpopINT is they are just amazing they have fun games and they keep are just plain amazing to no end no lie lol 8) im from wisconsin~
haha these were the questions in case you were wondering lol