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What kinda spell would they make if they combine their powers.... 馃
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@KageTsuki040910 hmm, idk... I don't think they could pull off a unison raid, since those I think require similar magic types, and they're more polar opposites... I bet they could come up with something though, or at least Gray could
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That's actually not completely true @OtakuDemon10 I've seen a few unison raids of the polar opposites and they're really cool and yea gray probably would be the one to figure it out but with both of their stubbornness I don't think it'll ever happen 馃槄
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@KageTsuki040910 yeah, idk if they'd have the right chemistry! Though Lucy and Juvia did it once, and Juvia was still on the whole "Lucy's my rival!" thing, so maybe... I really wanna see this happen now!
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@OtakuDemon10 you and me both dude it'd be a really powerful move
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