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That moment when Big BANG has a new movie coming out ...
but it's not availible in you country
Dear, YG... Please ....the movie.....hook us up lol
It doesn't matter how long.....I'll wait lol
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theres no availability of their movie in America?!
a year ago·Reply
@lovelikematoi So far the movie isn't availed in theaters is the US .....but as the previous comment say Drama Fever will probably have it up on there website soon for international fans 😁😁😁
a year ago·Reply
b-but i want a dvd copy... *lip quivers*
a year ago·Reply
@lovelikematoi DVD copies of the MADE movie aren't available in any countries yet (Since the movie was just released today in theatres , they'll probably have it in DVD format soon) .... but When they start making the Movie on to DVDs I'll make a card about it and let you know :) 😁😁
a year ago·Reply
OK we want to see the movie too darn it. 👌
a year ago·Reply