ok, this app has been getting on my nerves lately about all the extra crap you have to do to watch a video...
i love BTS to death, but I already spent like $20 on ONE CD!! Do you honestly imma be spending extra cash on a 10-15 video online?? idk, im just mad. if anybody puts it on Youtube and its subbed lemme know. I really wanna watch it, but I'm not spending real money on fake money on an app that used to lemme watch whatever, whenever!
I feel you!! Like with the new update I had delete the V app because my phone wasn't up to par with the new update version. 馃槶馃槖 So I've been all over youtube hear lately trying to find subbed videos. Ohh the struggle. 馃槶馃槥馃槱
same here I got the free 150 but to pay more nah I'm good I'll wait till I see them in concert again now that's worth dropping some cash on
I used my coins from BTS and EXO so I could watch all of BTS for free. I didn't do anything different from what I was doing before.
@Brawner13 right?? i probably wont get to see Bon Voyage til like late this year
@LunaCordero @Brawner13 exactly!!! and the alternative to get coins is so extra!! like you have to watch ALL THEIR VIDEOS and always comment and always be in the group, etc. like NAH FAM!! THATS TOO MUCH!!