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Okayyyy so I had JUST got done doing the dishes, and I'm watching my little sister who's like 11 RN BUT anyways, I went to her room because she always has like empty cups in there so I walk in and the first thing I hear is, "When the skies and the grounds were one," I looked up so shocked, I was like oh Lord Exo's MAMA narration is haunting me now, but I looked over at my sister. She was staring at me in shock and that's when it clicked... Oh my gawd she was listening to MAMA!! I'M SO PROUD, I'M SUCH A GREAT SISTER! After a few awkward moments of staring at each other in complete shock, we both started reciting together. I'm so happy RN, like my expression was:
Yayyy! She's slowly transforming! I almost died when she told me it was her favorite song right now!