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Butterfly Chapter 2

*I don't own Trueblood this is only a fanfiction. I own Lán dié which is a character I made up.*
Eric opened his eyes to see the top of Godric head a smile appearing on his face which quickly disappeared from the sense that they were not alone in the room. He uses his vampire speed to turn on the lights.Lán dié sat on the floor with her legs crossed in front of her, eyes close with her hands on her lap in deep meditation. Eric posture relaxed sensing no danger from her, but curiously was high on his mind that he debated inwardly on letting her continue what she was doing or get her to pay attention to him.'Wait why do I even want her attention? I don’t know who or even what she is.' Eric thought.Eric moved closer to her in human speed worry that if he moved fast she would fly away like a butterfly. He was only a few feet away from her when he heard his sire waking drawing his attention to Godric whose eyes went straight to Lán dié. Who now was sitting on the coach with both eyes open and a small smile on her face as he hands lay on top the close umbrella on her lap.'When did she move? I only moved my eyes off her for a second and she moved faster?' Eric thought.“Zǎoshang hǎo,” Lán dié said“She said good morning, Eric” Godric translated for him earning himself a questioning look from Eric.“You speak Chinese?” Eric askedGodric shook his head.“Only a little bit. I have not had the time to actually learn it,” Godric said with a smile'Now you will if it means you wouldn’t pull a stunt like that again.' Eric thought“Oh I have not introduced myself, I’m Lán dié. I came to find you Godric,” Lán dié said“Why?” Godric asked getting out of bed and sitting across from her along with Eric joining him. Their curiously being stronger than their need for blood at the moment.“Because you are the only vampire Sia trusted,” Lán dié said a small frown on her face remembering the night Sia was killed.Godric eyes soften seeing the unshed tear, “She was killed?” he asked.Lán dié nodded, “Her own kind killed her just to get their hands on the medicine that would enable vampires to walk during the day,”Their eyes widen in shock.'That’s impossible...'Eric thought searching her face for lies, but came back empty handed.“And you can make it?” Godric asked his voice holding hope.Lán dié nodded, “I want to make it for you and your child because you will not abuse it otherwise she wouldn’t have told me to find you,”Eric crossed his arms, eyes looking down at her, “Nothing is free. I doubt you are doing this from the good of your heart,” Eric said coldly at her. Godric snapped his head toward Eric, “Eric,” he said warningly.“It’s okay, I understand his doubts. The only thing I want is not to feel lonely,” Lán dié saidGodric smiles at her, “You want to be part of our family,” Lán dié nodded.Eric looks her up and down eyes lingering on her smooth legs and ample breast. 'I surely wouldn’t mind being more than family especially at her sweet smelling blood that I want to taste.' Eric thoughtLán dié giggles seeing Eric’s fangs drop down from thinking something naughty, but Godric was not far behind he just had more control of himself. He could smell the warm blood pumping through her veins giving out a smell he couldn’t identify, but it smelled so good.“Thank you for stopping me from killing myself,” Godric said after some unnecessary breathing to get his mind back on track.“No problem just don’t try it again and shouldn’t you both feed? I wouldn’t mind giving you my blood, but it will not be as easy,” Lán dié said challenging them seeing how their fangs come down, eyes darkening and bodies tensing up as they were going to attack. Which Lán dié was clearly challenging them by how she smiles while her amber eyes shined with excitement of wanting them to break their control.Godric let out a small growl before using his vampire speed to leave the room to go feed with Eric doing the same.“Oh Mǔqīn spending time with them will be fun,” Lán dié said as a yellow butterfly landed on her finger.