Shawols, the voting is still going on for the first section of the "fanarmy face off" and our boys need help~!
They are currently barely hanging on to the top 20, and, since yesterday they have fluctuated from 20 to as far as 25! If we could just gain a little more support we could very likely get them even closer to the top 10, even possibly the top 5!
Please go to the link below & help boost our boys up & show them how much we love them~! ->
I only know of one Shawol, @VixenViVi , but please please please help the boys~ They deserve this so so so much! At least if they don't win the other awards, we should at least show them how strongly Shawols care for them and love them!
@AlyssaGelet818 We've done our part least 2 votes from my household for Shinee, BTS, Big Bang, and I can't remember the other ones.
im still voting!
@JaxomB I know. I'm trying to get this recognized. Especially if they go to the next round they'll have it even harder.
The number they are in doesn't matters that they win the match up. Only the winner goes on of each match up. Unfortunately, they put TARA and BTS together....#1 and #2. It looks like TARA will win.