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Who: Reader x Byun Baekhyun What: Pain, Love Chapter 3 (This story is loosely based off of 2NE1's music video Go away. I kind of just needed to write it out cause it's in my head but I thought you guys might like it. so enjoy) Story: He was the love of your life until he broke up with you in the most humiliating way. You keep going on with your life trying to live with the pain of working with your ex-boyfriend at the race track and seeing his new girlfriend hanging on his arm. The more you see him the more destructive you become. Right now the only person that can keep you sane is your closest friend Jongdae.
Y/N's POV You woke up with the sun shinning through the window, breaking through your curtains. You saw Jongdae's sleeping face and smiled while sitting up in bed. You groaned softly at the headache you had. You felt the blanket shuffle as he sat up next to you. He'd probably woken up once you made a sound. "Please tell me we didn't do something we're gonna regret." "No Pabo, you're wearing clothes, see?" he said grabbing onto your shirt. You winced, "You said that entirely too loud, you're practically screaming at me." You said holding your head. Jongdae chuckled lightly, he kissed your forehead before getting out of bed and grabbing his shirt. "Don't go to work today. Stay in and rest, I'll call you out." he said. "I can't just stay in I have interviews today about the race. next weekend, I have to show up." "Okay well when do you have to be at your interviews?" "Two thirty this afternoon." "OK, so it's eight a.m right now I'll call your manager and tell him that you have a dentist appointment or something but that you'll be in by one o'clock for your interview. You'll have the whole morning to rest and wear down that hang over." Jongdae said planning out the lie. You looked at him through squinted sleepy eyes smiling, "Why the dentist?" "Gives you an excuse not to talk. They numb you and 'It'd be hard for you to speak'." He said adding air quotes to that last part. You shook your head at him but you had to admit it was a pretty good lie. His shirt was back on and he sat back down next to you on the bed. Your legs were crossed and your eyes were closed, you were still tired but you tried to stay awake. Jongdae whispered, "Your face is still bruised from when he hit you." "It'll heal eventually." "I know that will but... will you?" You turned to look at him, you weren't really sure. This would be day four and as the days passed the pain got worse not better. It was probably because you still loved him and in trying to find ways to stop loving him you thought of all the things he did to you but that didn't fix anything. It only made the pain worse, "Maybe one day but that day probably isn't today." "Why did you go over to our place any way? And why did you break your promise?" he asked. You looked for your phone and grabbed it off your bedside dresser. You looked through your text messages till you came to his contact. You showed Jongdae the entire text thread. He saw where he sent the first picture, when he asked if your two were dating, when he demanded you not to ignore him, the last picture of him kissing his new girl. You saw his jaw clench and started to think that maybe you shouldn't have shown him at all. They were friends and you felt you were just getting in the way of that. "So that's why you drank." he said with obvious annoyance. "I fully intended on keeping my promise till he sent that picture. I had drank alot but I was still pissed so I went to get the jacket back from him. I said some terrible things, I also may have given him the impression that we were fooling around now. Sorry I just wanted to piss him off and for some reason that got to him." "Let him think whatever the Fuck he wants to I don't care. After he hit you, I could careless about how he fucking feels." "Jongdae calm down." "No man should ever hit a woman. You tried to say you deserved it that's not you Y/N. You're not the type of girl to take the punches you're the type to hand them out. You have to go back to who you are." "I can't even remember who I was. Baekhyun used to be this guy that you and Jongin suddenly called your roommate and I was just so infatuated with his beauty that I fell too hard for him. I never had someone flirt with me as hard as he did and it felt nice, then everything about him just suddenly changed." "Maybe he was always like that and we just never noticed it before." he said sadly. A single tear rolled down your cheek again, you weren't crying hard but there were still tears to shed. Jongdae wrapped his hand around your head and pulled you into him so that your head could rest in the space between his neck and shoulder. He then laid back with you now resting on top of him, your arm wrapping around his body and holding him closely to you. "Go back to sleep pabo. I'll call the house in an hour and see if Baekhyun left before I go back and get changed for work." Your eyes were already closed and you said lowly against his body, "What time do you need to be at the studio?" "Eleven o'clock." "Don't be late on my account." "Don't worry I won't." The both of you chuckled and then silence filled the room. Your steady breathing matching his, it was so quiet you could hear the birds outside singing you back to sleep. You were at peace in this moment and you wanted it to last forever. "Sorry for kissing last night." he finally said after a moment in silence. "I'm not." you said almost too quickly. You slightly opened one of your eyes to see Jongdae had lifted his head a little to look at you. He looked amazed that you had said that. You smiled a little closing your eyes again then feeling his hand on the back of you head. He kissed the top of your head and began to pet you until the soft gentle strokes and the singing birds outside your window lulled you back to sleep like a children's lullaby. A few hours had passed when you had finally woke back up. The repeat of waking up alone in bed knowing full well that Jongdae had held you for as long as he could in your sleep sent a sense of Deja Vu through your mind. You turned to your clock seeing that it said twelve thirty. You jumped out of bed, your head still pounding a bit. A glass of water and aspirin once again sat on your bedside dresser and you popped them into your mouth and drank the water quick. You jumped into the shower taking ten minutes to wash up and another ten minutes to wash your face and brush your teeth. You slipped your shoes on and grabbed your bag that held your helmet in it and your track suit. You decided to take the motorcycle today and locked the door behind you before heading out. The sound on the motorcycle rang in your ears making you rethink taking it but it was too late to turn back now. You were going to be late either way you just couldn't risk being anymore late than you already were. You arrived at the news station only fifteen minutes after one and quickly ran to the girls room to get dressed. You ran out meeting the manager and saw that he was annoyed with you. You apologized repeatedly at him when he caught sight of the bruise on your face. You had winced when you were washing your face this morning so it obviously still hurt but you were in such a rush to get out of the house that you forgot it was even there. "What happened to your face Y/N?" You felt a rush surge through your body, you looked up seeing Baekhyun in the distance staring at you. You hadn't noticed him before but looking at him now you could see he had a look of regret in his eyes. As much as you wanted to scream at him to go to hell, you didn't want to out him for hitting you. You didn't know why, you didn't owe him anything and at this point you didn't really care about him losing his public image but you couldn't say it. "I got in a little fight last night at the bar. That's why I had to go to the dentist today." you lied going along with Jongdae's earlier fib. "Right he called and said you'd be coming in late. Anyway you need to get make up maybe they can cover up that bruise of yours. Then we'll talk later about this fight you were in." "I'd rather not talk about it, no one saw the fight anyway." You said. Your eyes shifted back to look at Baekhyun, he still had that sympathetic look in his eye. You didn't need his pity, right now all you wanted to do was spit on him and call him a piece of trash. Anger was beginning to dominate your features so before you did or said anything that would bring out your bad side you turned on your heel and headed to get your make up done for the interview. The makeup artist had to practically fight you to get the make up on your cheek. You kept jolting back because it hurt any time she touched it with the sponge. It didn't help that she was heavy handed either. You had warned her to be gentle but she couldn't control her own strength. She finally got the make up on but your cheek still looked a little red. You sat down in your chair and the interviewer sat down in front of you. The cameras turned on and the interview began. "Last year you were crowned rookie of the year after winning six consecutive matches in a row. Are you confident in your lucky streak this year as well?" he asked. "Oh I wouldn't call that luck last year. We're trained very well and I'm very dedicated in practicing. I won those races last year because of hard work and I haven't faltered yet. I have enough confidence to believe that if you don't see me in first place this weekend you'll damn sure will see me in second." You said smiling confidently. "Wow so confident, I like that, for someone so young. What's your response to critics complaining that you're too cocky?" You chuckled, "I've spent my entire life allowing others to bring me down, to make me feel uncomfortable, the media is no different. Yes I'm cocky and I have every right to be. I'm the youngest racer to have won six consecutive races in their rookie year. I've pushed myself so hard to get where I am now. I'm not really cocky though, Im just confident; my track record speaks for itself. However, I think the media takes it the wrong way. Critics have no idea how much pressure I put on myself when I feel like I haven't brought my A game just during practices. They don't feel my nerves shaking me to my core every time I head out to the track for a big race. They don't see the tears I've cried to get here, they don't feel the rush I get when I'm on the track. They don't know why I race. It goes beyond just a career, it's my life, it's a performance dedicated to my younger brother. He loved to watch me race and so everytime I get on that track I'm racing for him. My cockiness is just confidence in my ability to race, happiness in escaping the crappy parts of reality, my love for my brother. My entire life is racing and if anyone thinks I'm cocky, yeah I am but I'm humble too. So when I lose my first race, when I don't take first place I'm gonna hold my head up high, I'm gonna shake the victors had and I'm going to warn them that next time we race I will win." The interviewer marveled at your confidence and never once did it show that for the past four days you'd been in hell. That you'd broken down yesterday from holding everything in. That you'd been hit by the man you loved. You beamed with confidence as if everything in your life was perfect. You partly didn't have to fake anything, you were confident and any time you got to talk about racing you were happy. It distracted you from everything you didn't want to deal with. The interview concluded moments later and you were free to get up and get a drink of water. All that talking kind of dried your throat out. They had set up a snack table for guests and staff, you pulled a water bottle out of the bowl they had filled with ice. The water dripped off the bottle making your hands feel cold and wet so your hand searched for a napkin on the table while you shook the other one. Suddenly, your hand was grabbed and you looked up to see Baekhyun looking down at you. "What do you want?" you said annoyed once the shock of being suddenly grabbed wore off. "I want to talk to you." "There's nothing to talk about now let go of me." you said jerking your hand back. He had a firm hold on you though but despite the tight grip on your arm there was a softness in his eyes. He pulled you along with him into an empty corridor finally releasing your hand and slamming his hands against the wall behind you pinning you in place. You jumped at the sudden sound but that annoyed expression stayed on your face. "What. Do. You. Want." Baekhyun's POV What did he want? He wanted her, he wanted her not to be screwing his friend. He wanted her not to be pretending he didn't exist around her. He wanted her to notice him. It was like the moment he found out Jongdae was trying to pick up the broken pieces of her shattered heart he wanted her back. Right now she was looking at him with eyes that burned with rage and hate. She wouldn't make a scene though he knew that. He'd sent that picture of his new girl, In Jung, and him together to upset her, throw her off her game. He had broken up with her four days ago after having cheated on her for two whole months. He didn't mean to break it off the way he did but he had just finished seeing an article praising her for everything she had accomplished and a few fans of her's were ridiculing him for being less than her and that he should step up his game. He just lost it and started yelling. Baekhyun was mostly taken care of in his childhood, completly protected by the people around him. He got into racing through his father's connections; he didn't understand Y/N's need to try so hard. It was exactly for that reason that she had gotten so far though. She was never alone but somehow did everything herself, she made her own way. In a way, he realized his own pathetic nature. He was babied and didn't know what 'hard work' really meant. He was first attracted to her when he saw her, she was cute and small and seemed helpless. When he'd flirt with her she got really nervous and shy and that was adorable. She'd never been with a man before, she'd never been in a relationship before, she'd never been kissed before. He was her first and that excited him about her. He quickly saw how quick witted she was, determined and how she wasn't easily bothered by peoples words. Something about that made him uncomfortable though and as the years went by, even though he loved her, it annoyed him that she could keep pushing forward without fail. She kept telling him it didn't matter what people said about him because she loved him, because he knew who he was and no one else did. He hated that she had told him he was trying his best because in reality... he knew he wasn't. So he tried to break her down instead but he still loved her; he started sleeping with In Jung because she was telling him the things he wanted to hear. He was better than Y/N, she had a weakness he just had to find it, he could beat her whenever he wanted. The media had no idea what they were talking about, they were just praising Y/N to make her feel important. Each lie she fed him, with sweet kisses, turned him into someone he didn't recognize. He tried to throw her off her game by bringing In Jung around, he had been a little successful in their last race at practice but then Jongdae had showed up with the others. She perked up around them and when she came back from lunch she was in a better mood. She ignored him and to top it off she was more determined than ever during practice. Jongdae and Baekhyun had a rift building between them and it was getting bigger by the day. He didn't like that he was showing up to be her white knight. It was the same reason he sent her that text and the picture of them kissing in that jacket she'd bought him for his birthday. He loved that jacket and she always told him he looked good in it. When she showed up at his doorstep drunk, asking for it back he got irritated. He only intended to talk to her maybe even annoy her a little further until she started talking about Jongdae. There was no way she could just move on so quickly after two years of being with him. Not when he was her first, but Jongdae had always been her best friend, since they were in diapers her, Jongin and Jongdae had an inseparable bond. He was jealous of that because he didn't have any kind of childhood friend that he kept in touch with and did everything with. They were always touching each other. Kisses to the forehead, hugs, she pinched their butts when they annoyed her. He hated it all. When she made it seem like they were fucking he lost his temper, something snapping inside him and all he could do was hit her and throw the jacket on the ground calling her a whore. He didn't realize such dirty words could leave her pretty lips. It was killing him to think they were together. "Y/N I'm sorry." "Well the first step is admitting." she said sarcastically. "I mean it I shouldn't have hit you. I let my temper get to me." He said leaning his forehead against hers. She tried to move her head away from his but he pressed his head against her harder, his hand cupping the cheek he didn't hit. "Get off me." she said further annoyed." "I'm sorry Y/N please forgive me. I won't do it again." "If you think I'm that much of an idiot you don't know me at all. Where's your little Barbie doll, go bug her." "I don't want her I want you. How could you just move straight to Jongdae as if we never happened?" he said. She scoffed through a laugh, placing her hands to his chest to push him away but he didn't budge. "You waltz into work the very next day after breaking up and humiliating me in public with the fucking new edition of Malibu Barbie on your arm and you're question why I've moved on?" "I apologized." She laughed again turning her to the side finally being free from his forehead pressing against hers. He pressed his body in closer to her as she did, "You think one little apology will make up for the pain you put me through. I could punch you, I could scream, key your car, burn your clothes anything that would make you see that I don't love you, I will never love you ever again in a million years. I. Hate. You. I've already trashed all our pictures what should I get rid of next?" "You didn't." he said in disbelief. "Oh I did." she said with a cocky smile. He was showing clear hurt in his eyes and it was clear she was enjoying it. He buried his face in the space between her neck and shoulder. "Jagi, I'm so sorry." he sounded desperate. Y/N's POV All you could do was laugh when he apologized. An apology for hitting you didn't make it go away. That memory was hazy but fresh enough for you to remember how the first slap stung your cheek so bad tears almost immediately rolled out of your eyes. You laughed even more when he claimed he wanted you and questioned how you moved on with Jongdae so easily as if you two were never together. That was rich coming from him, the same guy that sent you pictures of him and his new girl together. To do what, make you jealous? He hit you and he was acting like a simple apology would fix everything, that you would coming running back into his arms happy to have him back. Why was he coming back to you anyway? He was the one to break up with you and say and do all those hurtful things. What, was this just a guilty conscious that was urging him back, that wouldn't last long. You weren't stupid enough to go back to him. "I. Hate. You." you said emphasizing the words so he could get it. Yes, you still loved him. You spent two years loving him, it wasn't a feeling that just broke off after four days but it was getting a hell of a lot easier when he was torturing your heart this way. You did hate him and you loved him too and that was pulling your heart in two different directions that you didn't want to follow. He looked like you had just stabbed a knife in his heart when you told him you got rid of all your pictures together. You two had hundreds of photos together of you acting silly, out on your dates, your anniversary, birthdays, promotions. You wanted to erase him from you and that was the first way to do it. He held you tight sinking his head in the crook of your neck, "Jagi I'm so sorry." "That's not enough nothing will ever be enough." You could feel something wet hit your shoulder and you looked down. He straightened up, letting his hands grab the side of your neck and slowly trail them up to gently cup your face. You looked into his eyes not believing what you were looking at. "I love you, I know you still love me." WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON! Hold the damn phone, why was he crying?! Why was he saying he loved you? He quite obviously didn't if he decided to cheat on you, so what was going on? Your mind was racing trying to figure out his angle but you realized he could've been using your weakness against you. As you looked back at him, your heart swelled wanting to apologize for something you intentionally wanted to do: make him hurt. You weren't good with people crying. You would hold them and urge them to calm themselves down and stop because you couldn't stand the sight of it. You were never able to handle it when Baekhyun cried, in fact the way you shut him up was by kissing him, kind of like how Jongdae had kissed you. You closed your eyes so you couldn't see him, "Stop it." You demanded. "Jagi, Y/N look at me. Please." "Stop crying now." you said more stern. "Forgive me." his voice drowning in desperation. "Never." Suddenly, lips crashed down on yours, since your eyes had been closed you hadn't seen it coming and you gasped allowing his tongue to gain access and kiss you deeper. The familiar feeling sent electricity through your body, who was this person? How could he be so cruel and then do something like this? The longer, harder and deeper he kissed you the more you were losing your train of thought before you felt his hand reach for your zipper and start to pull it down. The last thought in your mind was, Y/N hurry up and stop him!
I think because this one is easier for me the chapters are longer. Sorry it's a lot to read but I hope you like it. Thanks for reading! Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @Tiffany1922 @princess2425 @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells @Queenlee @VKookie47 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish
Omo!!! the guys you write of are always so twisted and don't even fully agree with their own logic. I love it.. I love when you give us their point of view so we can see how they try to make sense of the whole situation. boys smh
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That selfish self absorbed petty little prick! Oh don't let him get to you!! He hurt you on purpose, with the intention to bring you down! He seriously pisses me off!😠😠 Oh and loving the long chapters, keep them coming!😆
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