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The Introduction to this series is here. × Also, the collection for this story is here. Please follow it! ~ A gun resounded in the emptiness of the woods. My limpy legs pushed through it all. I can't stop, I won't stop. I've been too much into this hellhole that now I can finally grasp the feeling of freedom! The feeling of happiness started fading away. I can't get discouraged yet. Before I knew it, the silence in the vastness of trees took over. I stopped a little bit, trying to get feeling into my legs and took in a deep breath to calm my raging heart. Suddenly a severe pain shoots up through my leg, and I yell out in agonizing pain. The sound of the gun shot just before, makes me realize that I have been shot. Another gun shot is heard and it hits the tree next to me. I scream as it takes me by surprise. ignoring the pain in my leg I run. The adrenaline renewing every time I hear a sound. Before I know it, I'm stepping on pavement. A light from my peripheral vision on the right, indicates that there is a car coming. My hopes going up once again that maybe just maybe I will survive. I raise my hands, "Help!" I yell out. The car slows down and a small smile reaches my face. Finally. I stumble towards the car, the pain coming back into my leg. Another gun shot is heard, and everything goes black.

This is Saving Us.

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