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kim taehyung | dating taehyung would be waking up to him pressing kisses all over your face and wearing matching couple outfits and playing video games with you in his lap and his hands over yours on the controller and constant skinship in public because he’s proud to let people know you’re his.
kim seokjin | dating jin would be piggy back rides on his broad shoulders and intense mario cart competitions and walks in the park with his dog jjangu and cooking together with his arms wrapped around your waist and his lips pressed against the curve of your neck.
kim namjoon | dating namjoon would be neck kisses and late nights in the studio and trips to antique bookstores and waking up with his limbs all over you because he just has to be touching you at all times.
park jimin | dating jimin would be random fits of giggles and interlocking fingers and cheesy smiles and loving stares when you aren’t watching.
min yoongi | dating yoongi would be sitting on his lap while he produces music and seeing his gummy smile 24/7 and long, slow kisses that leave you breathless and him being jealous when other guys get too close to his girl.
jeon jungkook | dating jungkook would be flirty comments about how good you look and him pushing you on swings and soft jaw kisses and you wearing his shirts because he secretly loves it when you do.
jung hoseok | dating hobi would be morning coffee dates and tickle fights in your pj’s and sweet forehead kisses and slow dancing at midnight with his hands on your hips.

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LOL Whoever made this has clearly never been in a relationship. Let me give you little girls a splash of reality: All BTS members live in their dorms, so no morning kisses lol Besides the fact that they are psycho-busy entertainers, they would have jobs to be at and stressed out over even when they're off. They will argue with you and tell you what to do. If they feel like you don't ever listen, they will think its because you dont think they are capable and they will be hurt, but not express it, leading to an explosion in a fight you guys have later on in the relationship. According to a massive survey and steady that went out about 5 years ago, A man's #1 need in a relationship is not sex, it is to be honored. You can "please" him all you want, but it will never satisfy him. You gotta actually put work in to know his personality and study hiw to build him up. A man is who you honor him to be. No matter how perfect they seem, guys naturally attract to beauty. They'll look at prettier girls, watch porn (a lot!), and flirt around. Its unhealthy to have these unrealistic views of relationships. We always see the fluffy heart throbs in dramas and fanfics, but reality is different.
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@micahsaysnihao Why are you crushing everyones dreams? Its just an imagine... Imagine..... IMAGINEEE xD
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Dating Kim Namjoon in my dream for a few minutes wasn't enough. But will be dating him, being able to travel together to bookstores, & always waking up to this gorgeous human being. Girlllllll. I got myself a perfect bias boyfriend~! 😭❤️❤️
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This is awesome! Not only is yoongi my bias but he dating him is my ideal relationship
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This is so fluffy and I'm smiling like an idiot at the thought.
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