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YG announced their new girl group and all it's members!! there are going to be only four members in the group, Black Pink.
Kim Jisoo is the oldest in the group (born June 20, 1995) and is a sub-vocal and visual. She is south Korean.
Jennie kim is the second oldest (January 16, 1996). She's from the Netherlands and is the leader, rapper and vocalist.
She is one of two maknaes in the group. She was born February 11, 1997 and she's from Australia. Rosé is the main vocal.
Lisa is the maknae being born on March 27, 1997. She's the main dancer and she's from Thailand. Fun Fact: She's childhood friends with GOT7's BamBam
well, what do you think of Black Pink? Personally, I know im going to stan them just from the teaser photos (and im pretty sure Lisa is going to be my bias).
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Im torn between Lisa and Jennie (itll probably end up being Lisa lol)