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Hello all my Lovelies! I'm Stefani and I have exciting news! I'm the Mod for the B.A.P community! I'm so happy about this! Most people who know me know I love B.A.P and my UB is YongGuk! I'm so happy that I have this chance to teach people about B.A.P and why I love them so much!
Right now I'm currently recruiting supporters who can help me spread our love for B.A.P! I know alot of people don't know them and it saddens me a little but I want to show everybody how awesome these loveable cute and handsome men are!
If you are interested in helping please message me and let me know your reason for wanting to help!
The 6 members of B.A.P: 1. Bang YongGuk - Leader - Main Rapper 2. Kim HimChan - Face of the Group - Rapper 3. Jung DaeHyun - Main Vocalist 4. Yoo YoungJae - Lead Vocalist 5. Moon JongUp - Main Dancer 6. Choi JunHong (Zelo) - Lead Dancer - Lead Rapper - Maknae
Well this is depressing. I just saw this 😯...oh well I guess, can you tag me in your stuff? No one really posts about them so it'd be nice to see cards about them. There's a reason I write a bunch of fan fiction about them XD they're my favorites. Rambling, sorry, anyway congrats on the mod position ^_^
whooo B.A.P yes sir.
Congratulations Stef! I'm so excited for you and to see what you do with the community.
I love B.A.P. Guk is my UB too
Congrats.....B.A.P. is just a fun group. I like Youngjae the best, then Zelo.
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