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Genre: Angst, Prison AU
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Length: 13,475 words
Summary: Three men. I screwed one over. One screwed me over. And the third? Well, I’m still deciding on it.
Part: 1/1
A/N: This is a oneshot, but vingle only has a certain word count which I've exceeded, so I'll split it into 2! Also, I know I should space this out to make it easy on the eye- I'll try and come back to that when I have time cus a normal everyday update takes me ages, this is gonna take the mick XD Thanks for understanding x
“Inmate 42!” the voice bellowed. I straightened up, my lip curled in disgust the number I’d been branded. My name was y/n, not inmate fucking 42. I watched as the officer who had introduced himself as Yoongi slid in a bowl of what looked liked dog food.
The cold little fucker smirked as he watched my face fall at the plate of sick in front of me. He was chuckling as he locked me back into the confinements of my cell. Him- and the other guards- were the only people I saw on a daily basis- I couldn’t see the cells either side of me, and the cell opposite me was empty.
The only time I saw the other women was when we were forced to go out into the yard to exercise once a week. I just stood against a wall waiting for them to usher us back in.
I had cried too much in the last the point where I had a fever for three nights straight. Now though, all the tears were gone, and all that remained was anger. I wasn’t a criminal. I was innocent, damn it. I had been framed.
It was my boyfriend Namjoon who had pulled the trigger. The bastard had planned it from the beginning. He called me and said he needed my help in the dead of the night. I panicked and went to his place straightaway. But in reality, I was nothing but his escape plan.
He was always too smart for his own good. He was a crack addict, but he hid it well. Very well. His supplier, some poor bastard called Jackson, started selling him fake shit for the same amount of money. God knows how Namjoon found out, but the next thing you know, Jackson’s laying dead on Namjoon’s floor.
As I ran in and observed this scene before me, I didn’t scream. I didn’t shout or alert the neighbours. No. I fucking tried to calm him down (turns out he was a good actor), and helped him think up how the hell we could get rid of the body before dawn. Because I figured the man I loved was depending on me to do something.
Turns out Joonie had other plans. He had called police straight after calling me. He told me to hold the gun for him and he would go and get a bag big enough for the body. The last words I said to him were ‘Hurry up.’
He sprinted off, and stupid me didn’t realise he wasn’t coming back. I heard footsteps about ten minutes later, and I started to hiss ‘Namjoon, where the fuck have you been?’, but my words died in my throat when two burly police officers stood before me, both pointing guns at me. I instantly dropped the weapon and held my hands up in surrender.
“ You have the right to remain silent. If you do say anything, what you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult with a lawyer and have that lawyer present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you if you so desire...”
Since then I had been trialled and dumped in here. No one believed me of course, seeing as Namjoon seemingly disappeared off the face of the Earth, so I had to think on my feet and plead guilty for manslaughter- the sentence reduced from 15 years to 36 months.
I was snapped back to the present by Officer Yoongi bellowing in the distance, out of sight, “Jungkook, Taehyung! Get your asses over here and give out the rest of these meals!” I rolled my eyes. Lazy motherfucker probably wanted another nap- whenever I passed his office on my way to ‘exercise’, he was napping.
Jungkook and Taehyung were the nicer officers that patrolled my floor- especially Taehyung. He was a bit too upbeat for what he did for a living. The head of operations, basically the guy who ran the woman’s prison was some guy called Seokjin. He was a slimeball too. Almost as bad as Yoongi.
And then we had the officers on the upper levels. I had never seen them but the officers on my floor talked about them enough...called Hoseok and Jimin. I stared at the plate of..whatever the fuck it was, in disgust before lying back down.
Prison wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. It was worse. Think of 500 mostly violent women in a building. Screams at night. Verbal and physical abuse between inmates. And I had nothing. They took everything when I came to this hellhole- right down to my freaking underwear.
The facility had pay phones, but I had no one to ring. My parents refused to have anything to do with me when I was arrested. They didn’t even come to the court hearing. It was when my parents believed their daughter was capable of committing murder, that I realised I was truly alone.
“You’re not gonna eat?” A soft voice asked me.
I turned my head and scowled at the man stood on the other side of the bars. It was the guard named Jungkook. “Have you seen this shit? Why don’t you try it then ask me that question again?” He snickered, and I turned my head back to face the ceiling.
“Everyone else finds it OK.”
“Yeah? Well I’m not everyone else.” That was true- everyone else here was guilty. I wasn’t.
“You’ve been here almost a fortnight now, 42. You need to eat.” I sat up slowly, leaning forward, my forearms resting on my thigh. I was glowering at him.
“And you care, why exactly? If I died of starvation, you’d have one less bitch to keep an eye on.” I heard a women shriek somewhere in the distance, “Who the fuck you callin’ a bitch? I’ll fuck you up!”
I ignored it and sighed as the officer finally gave up and walked off. He always lingered and I didn’t really know why. He should have be disgusted by my mere presence, because to him I was a murderer. That’s what I was to the world now. All thanks to Kim Namjoon.
Fate was a funny thing...I had actually been engaged when I met Namjoon. But the minute I set eyes on him, my fiance just didn’t seem right. He wasn’t magical, charming, loving. He didn’t care. I was just to be some sort of possession to him. But no one could see my unhappiness- they thought he was perfect for me- well-off. handsome, would provide security. No one saw it...except Namjoon. Namjoon was one of my fiance’s friends before the two of us decided to tell everyone what we felt for each other. When no one allowed it we ran away. Contact with my family had been sparse since. I wonder if my old fiance had heard the new about me...he was probably laughing at my stupid decision to leave him.
My stomach growled and I ignored it, trying to get some shuteye and sleep off the hunger. I had just started to doze off when someone cleared their throat. My eyes shot open, annoyance settled on my features- without even looking I knew it was he same officer as before. “What do you want?” I asked, not looking up at him. I was no longer nice to people- nor did I have the patience or energy to interact with them.
I preferred to get lost in my thoughts, back to when times were nice and life was worth living. When Jungkook didn’t speak, I turned to him again, and almost gasped. He was holding out an apple through the bars. An apple. The mere sight of it had me salivating. He motioned for me to hurry up before anyone caught him and I was up and across the cell in the blink of an eye.
I grabbed it out of his grasp and stared at the almost alien object in my hand. It had only been two weeks and seeing and apple did this to the hell would I last 3 years?
I looked back at him to see him eyeing me curiously. “It poisoned?”, I asked. I couldn’t help the upwards twitch of my lips, seeing that contagious grin on his face. “Why don’t you try it and check, Snow White?” I scoffed through my nose, but took a bite out of it nonetheless. It tasted so good. “Thank you”, I rasped. He just gave me a small salute before walking away.
I wondered why he had gone to such lengths. Officers didn’t do shit like that for inmates- if they starved, they starved. The other day I had heard Yoongi threaten to bludgeon a prisoner for throwing her bowl on the ground rather than eat the nasty contents of it- can’t say I blamed her.
I was halfway through the apple when Officer Yoongi appeared. I froze with it halfway to my mouth. “42″, he seethed, his voice filled with pure venom. “Where the fuck did that come from?”
My mouth snapped shut and formed a smug grin. “You must have dropped it in the dog food.” His eyes darkened, and it was a rare feeling, but I was thankful for the bars separating me and him. Until he got out his set of keys and started unlocking the door.
“W-what are you doing?” He smirked at how my smug attitude had completely dissipated. Yes I was hurting. Yes I was angry, But at the end of the day, I was only y/n... a normal girl. Well, kinda normal- I had been dating a crack addict after all.
“I came to tell you you have a visitor.” He strode towards me and plucked the apple out of my hands. “And I’ll get to the bottom of this when I can be bothered.” I scoffed silently- that would be never.
“Who’s visiting?”, I asked. Honestly, my dumb-ass thought that Namjoon would have the guts to actually show himself. To my dismay, he cuffed me before he led me out of the cell. “A man. Identified himself as Jihoon.” I stopped walking and Yoongi bumped into me, causing him to push me forward.
Jihoon. That was the fiance I had ditched for Namjoon. My breathing became more shallow as Yoongi pushed me towards the visiting bays. We passed the two other officers from my floor- Jungkook and Taehyung- engaged in idle chat, but my mind was reeling so I didn’t really acknowledge their presence.
Yoongi sat me down on the hard plastic chair, right in front of a clear screen, took off the cuffs and handed me the black phone I would use to communicate with Jihoon. “You get half an hour,42.” And with that he left, shutting the door behind him and locking it.
I could see him in my peripheral vision, but was too ashamed to look up and face him- he had probably come to gloat.
I mustered up the courage to finally look up at him. He hadn’t changed one bit. I held up the receiver to my ear, to hear what he had to say. Of course I could have just refused to see him, but I needed to get out of that cell for a bit.
“I was out of town for work, and as soon as I heard I came back”, he spoke first. “Y/n...I’m sorry to see what he did.” My eyes widened.
“You know?”
“Of course I know. That fucker was a crack head- and the victim was a crack dealer. The body was found at his house. Plus the news was reporting only yesterday that your drug tests came back negative, so you had no motive. I know he framed you.”
“Jihoon...”, I sobbed unintentionally. “I’m serving three years for a crime I could never even think of doing. A man is dead...and people think I killed him. My own parents wouldn’t believe me!”
He touched the glass helplessly. “I know y/n, I know. And there’s nothing I can do which makes me feel like shit. I can’t testify because I wasn’t even there. They would just call my evidence ‘speculation’.”
“How do you know that?”
“Because I’ve already tried”, he muttered. Hot tears fell down my cheeks at the realisation that I was truly trapped. “I deserve it”, I concluded bitterly. “I deserve it for being fucking stupid and leaving you for someone like that.”
“Shut up y/n. You don’t deserve this. That bastard should be the one locked up. I said to Seulgi and I’ll say it to you- If I see that prick, he’s gonna get it for what he did.”
“Who’s Seulgi?”
He bit his lip in hesitation and looked away. “My wife.” I nodded. Of course he was going to move on in life and get married to someone who actually deserved him. I hoped Jihoon was treating her better too, not brushing her off to the side like he did with me.
“Congratulations”, I replied stoically. He just nodded. “It’s funny actually”, he spoke in a way that told me whatever he was about to say wasn’t funny at all. “I try and move on. I date. I find a beautiful, caring girl eventually. We get engaged, we get married. And I should be happy,right?”
It was my turn to nod slowly. “Yet I’m not content y/n. Because she isn’t you. I wake up next to someone who isn’t you every morning. I come home to someone who isn’t you. I have to love someone who isn’t you. And that hurts.”
I was about to mutter an apology (what else could I do?), but he cleared his throat and changed the subject. Jihoon usually never talked about his feelings like that. I felt bad for his wife- she probably had no idea the murderer she heard about on the news was in fact her husbands old partner- and someone he still cared about.
“What happened that night?”, Jihoon whispered into his phone. I stared down at my lap, trying to maintain my pokerface. All I could see was an orange blur through my tears. I was never a fan of the colour orange, but in the last fortnight I had really grown to hate it.
I swallowed harshly before replying. “He called me that night, saying he needed help”, I whispered. “So like the idiot I am, I went to help. I wasn’t expecting to find a dead body on his floor, Jihoon. Namjoon told me to wait, and he’d get a bag to...dispose of the body. Next thing you know I’m held at gunpoint and arrested.” I broke down and he helplessly looked at me through the thick perspex.
“I’m sorry y/n. I wish there was something I could do.”
“Jihoon, you coming here and telling me you believe me was more than enough. Thank you. And I’m sorry I couldn’t be that girl for you.” I heard metal clank together as the door unlocked. Then Officer Yoongi’s voice. “42, your time’s up.”
I didn’t take my eyes off Jihoon. I was such a hypocrite for only regretting my decision to leave him when my life had gone to shit. “I’m so so sorry.” And with that I hung up my phone and stood up slowly, and he did the same. I watched as he dejectedly waved, before turning to leave. At least he was leaving for the outside world, whereas I had to go back to that shitty cell.
Yoongi handcuffed me again and took me back without a word. He probably didn’t mock me, or sneer at me, because of the tears that wouldn’t stop falling. Tears of sadness that I had wronged Jihoon. The fact that to this day he still wasn’t over what I did, hurt. But also tears of relief- that someone out there believed I was innocent. Tears of anger at Namjoon. That son of a bitch would pay for this one day- I would make sure of it.
After Yoongi unlocked the door and disappeared with my still-full bowl, I collapsed on the bed. I was so glad I didn’t have cell-mate. The silence was bliss. I drowned out the echoing chatter of the other women and focused on my own thoughts.
I didn’t know what time it was- I think it was late in the evening- when officers did their final patrol of the day, just checking to see we were all behaving ourselves. I heard Officer Taehyung bellowing in the distance to ‘break it up’, so I guessed there must have been a fight going on.
It was actually quite for once, down at my end. I think most of the inmates were asleep. My mind however, was still reeling from Jihoon’s visit. The fact that he was married now had only just started to sink in.
In my peripheral vision, an officer walked past before slowly stepping backwards into my line of sight, then stopping. When the silhouette didn’t move, I slowly looked up to find- surprise, surprise- Officer Jungkook.
“42″, he breathed. I didn’t have the energy to rant at him about how my name was y/n, not 42, but I didn’t take my eyes off his.
“Erm...Are you OK?”I asked, although I really didn’t care. He looked like he was conflicted about something, but I had no idea what, He looked swiftly to his left, then to his right before almost inaudibly whispering, “You’re innocent?”
My eyes widened. The media, every news outlet, even my loved ones, had portrayed me as a monster- yet this random police officer was asking whether I was innocent? My first thought was maybe Jihoon knew him- but Jihoon would have mentioned if one his friends worked here.
I stood up at his words, and wordlessly walked up to the bars. The first question that came to my head was, “Why?” Maybe he was an officer who liked to play mind games.
“I...we have to monitor visitor calls. It’s a rule we have here.” He didn’t have to say any more. I knew he must have been the one monitoring my call with Jihoon.
“Yes officer”, I whispered. “I am innocent.” Jungkook shook his head, his eyes relaying pity and his tone soft. “I’m so sorry.” He cleared his throat. “So your name’s y/n? That’s what the visitor kept calling you. And the newspapers don’t address you by your name. ” I smiled at how he changed the subject. “Yes, I’m y/n.”
“I knew you were innocent”, he whispered. “That’s why I’m nice to you. You haven’t done anything. I knew as soon as they reported your drug tests were clear.”
“I’m glad someone here has a functioning brain”, I joked. He smiled, and had just opened his mouth to speak when Taehyung shouted from somewhere out of my line of sight, “Jungkook! Help me break up this fight! They’re crazy!” And he was off, leaving me with a small smile etched on my face.
The next day, that smile was wiped right off. I had yet another visitor, and I thought it was Jihoon revisiting. Turns out I was wrong again. It was Jia, my best friend. I hadn’t heard from her at least a whole week prior to me ending up in jail.
“Jia”, I greeted her warmly, and she just looked away, biting her lip. I knew Jia, and that meant she was upset. Well obviously she’d be upset, she was visiting her best friend in prison.
“Hey, don’t be upset, I’m o-”
“-No y/n. Y-you don’t know why I came.” Her lip trembled as she uttered the sentence, and I frowned. “What’s happened?”
“I felt too guilty about it so I had to come and tell you even though Namjoon told me not to and I-”
“-Jia.” My face had hardened at the very mention of Namjoon’s name. “What did you feel guilty about? What did you do?”
“I’m seeing him y/n”, she whispered. “I’ve been with him for almost 5 months now. He wanted to get rid of Jackson, and you simultaneously, so he came up with a plan...Y/n? Y/n, talk to me, please”, she pleaded.
Namjoon...not only had the boy I gave up my life for stitched me up, but he had also been seeing my ‘best friend’ behind my back? I was shaking with anger, and Jia was lucky that there was a screen separating me and her.
“Fuck you.” That was all I send as I threw the phone down in disgust, and got up, banging on the door and demanding to be let out 20 minutes early. It was Officer Taehyung who appeared to take me back to my cell.
He tried to direct me using his hands, and I shrugged him off instantly. “Don’t fucking touch me”, I growled.
“Watch your tone, 42″, he warned me, although his voice was gentle. He sounded tired- probably sick of all these women who made his life so difficult. “Why did you finish so early?”
I didn’t reply and walked the rest of the way in silence. He took off the cuffs and the instant he locked the door and was out of sight, I lost my shit. In my silent rage, I turned over the mattress, almost broke the faucet and was punching the wall, only letting out a scream when I drew blood.
And that’s when they came running. Yoongi and Taehyung were yelling at me to calm down and stop, and that started up the inmates, screeching at each other, asking what was happening. Yoongi called Taehyung to go and get ‘it’. whatever ‘it’ was, whilst I continued crying and punching, imagining the wall was Namjoon, then Jia. They had fucked me over so hard, and all I could do was sit here and take the punishment.
I hadn’t noticed Yoongi unlock the cell and slide in. He grabbed my upper arms from behind and held them in place, and I writhed in his grasp. “Jesus Christ, 42, calm the fuck down!”, he bellowed. That only made me struggle more.
I knew I wasn’t helping my image. I knew this was only making me look even more unhinged, even more likely to be the cause of another person’s death, but I was so angry. I had never felt anger like that before, not even when I was sentenced.
Taehyung appeared with something in his hands, but I couldn’t see what it was. “Hurry”, Yoongi urged him. “Get off me!”, I screamed, crying at the pain in my hands, and the hard grip Yoongi had on me. His fingers were digging into my skin.
On closer inspection, I saw Taehyung holding an injection and I started crying even harder, the fight in me slowly dying out. I hissed in pain as the needle was inserted into my neck, and almost instantly, I felt my muscles start to relax.
My head lolled back, suddenly feeling like a lead weight, as it rested on Yoongi’s shoulder. The last thing I remember was a blurry Officer Jungkook, running up to my cell and asking what the hell had happened.
I woke up to find myself in a padded room. Completely empty, with just a window looking out into the exercise yard. Except it was dark outside- I had been out cold all day. I groaned quietly, sitting up properly and my hand going up to my head. It was then I realised that both of my hands had actually been bandaged.
I must have done quite a bit of damage, because I could see dried blood- which meant that the blood had managed to seep through several layers of bandaging. It hurt to move them so I did my best not to. Then as I started to focus on why I was there in the first place. Namjoon...Jia.... The anger levels were rising again, but I snapped of of it when the door was being unlocked from the other side.
It wasn’t an officer I had seen before. “Inmate...42″, he said, looking down on his sheet to make sure he got the number right. “The officers on your floor are currently all on patrol so I offered to come and check on you on their behalf. I’m Officer Hoseok.”
Ah. I recognised the name immediately- he was one of the ones who worked on the upper floor. “How long have you mean awake?”
I started to speak, but no sound came out, so cleared my throat and tried again. “I only just woke up. What the hell did they do to me?”
“Ah well, I got the gist of what happened from the others Apparently you had a visitor who made you somewhat annoyed.” I scoffed at the understatement. “You started throwing things around, yelling and punching the wall”, he said, indicating to my bandaged hands. “And so they had to sedate you, and put you here until you calmed down.”
“I’m fine now. Are you going to take me back?”
He shook his head. “No, I’ll leave that decision to the officers on your floor. I came here to ask, because it’s protocol, whether you feel you need the assistance of a psychiatrist?”
I blinked at him. “A shrink? You think I need a shrink?”
“Well, given your sudden outburst, I think it’s a fair qu-”
“I’m not mad officer.”
He tried again. “It doesn’t mean you’re ‘mad’, 42. It’s just a means to an end.”
I shook my head. “No thank you. I do not ‘need the assistance’ of a psychiatrist.” He simply nodded, made a note of it, thanked me and walked out, making sure to lock the door behind him. I thought he would make it mandatory, so I was glad he gave me a choice. I’d be damned if I saw a psychiatrist.
I must have drifted back to sleep because I woke up with a start because of the loud clang of metal hitting metal. Probably another officer come to check up on me. Though I didn’t see why because there was probably a camera in here. I looked around but couldn’t see one, so it was probably hidden.
It was Officer Jungkook. I instantly relaxed upon seeing him. I don’t know why- probably because he knew I was innocent. But my mind was also wary- he could just be pretending he believes me because he actually thinks I’m crazy.
He shut the door behind him and made his way to me, before crouching down next to me. “How are you feeling? The sedation can be pretty heavy.”
“I’m...OK. I’m calm now.”
“You wanna tell me what happened?” His voice was so gentle, so caring when he spoke to me. I had seen his interaction with some of the other inmates- he was almost as cold as Yoongi.
“You weren’t monitoring the call?” I thought he had been.
He shook his head. “No, not my job today. I was needed elsewhere.”
I nodded before speaking. “A friend of mine came by to tell me her and Namjoon have been together for 5 months. This was all a plan to kill his dealer and get rid of me all in one go. And, I lost my shit Officer.” Something about Jungkook calmed me. If this was any other officer, I would have given them the finger and told them to do one.
“I don’t blame you”, he sighed. “And please. I want you to call me Jungkook.” I looked at him. He wanted me to drop formalities? But I was an inmate. But I found myself saying, “Ok Jungkook. And you can call me y/n.” He smiled at my response.
“Does it hurt?”, he asked, motioning at my hands. There was a dull throbbing sensation in both hands and they still felt raw from my assault on the wall. I nodded mutely. “Guess I’m stronger than I thought.”
“You’re here, aren’t you? Serving time for something you didn’t’re a lot stronger than you think. I just wish you hadn’t got involved with Mr Kim Namjoon. That way, he would have eventually been caught and arrested.”
I glanced at him. How did he know Namjoon’s full name? “Do you know him?”, I asked.
“Not personally, no. But we all know of him. He was a frequent face in the male prison. Anything from disorderly conduct, to drug abuse. He’s been cautioned more times than I can count. Though I have to say it’s no coincidence that we haven’t seen him since you were bought here.”
Namjoon was too smart for that. He couldn’t risk being near the police at all at this point. “I hate this”, I whispered suddenly, after the stretch of silence became overwhelming. “I hate this so much. I had a stable life, a good job. I was actually easing off on my relationship with him...he was becoming too difficult to be with. I should have left him sooner.”
Namjoon’s behaviour was becoming more erratic. He would come visit me in the evening, and I would have a movie or something ready for him. He would then proceed to argue and yell at me for something as petty as a decoration in the room he didn’t like. He would use said argument as an excuse to storm out, and then I wouldn’t see him until the next day. It had only just dawned on me that he had probably been spending those nights out with Jia.
I still loved him at that point, but he was mentally and emotionally draining me. The reason I had got to his house so quick on that fateful night was because by then he had stopped calling me when I did get a call from him in the middle of the night, I knew he was in a lot of trouble, and that he needed me. His girlfriend.
I was so stupid. Had I refused, it would have been his prints on the gun. He would have failed that drugs test, hands down. It would have been him hated by his own family, by the public. It would have been him rotting behind bars.
I made a lot of sacrifices for him, yet he still took my life from me. Yet he still strung me alone for 5 fucking months, seeing my supposed best friend behind my back. And I knew Namjoon- he wouldn’t feel any remorse for what he did. Just like Officer Hoseok had described the Namjoon, I was just a means to an end.
“I know y/n”, he murmured. From the corner of my eye, I saw his hands twitch- he was refraining from touching me. “I know you do.” I turned to face him fully, and the intense look on his face warmed me.
It was him who moved first- I promise, I didn’t initiate anything- to pull me closer towards him. “Jungkook”. I whispered, my anger and hurt temporarily forgotten. I don’t know if I had mentioned this earlier, but Jungkook was extremely good looking. But he was also not allowed to do what he was doing.
Yet I didn’t stop him when his warm, soft lips met mine. The chaste kiss soon turned heated as my hands snaked around his neck, pain all forgotten. As I pulled him even closer, his tongue demanded entrance and I gladly gave it to him. It was only when my hand caressed his cheek, that his eyes fluttered open, and he instantly pulled away, like he only just realised what he was doing.
“Shit”, he breathed, eyes wide, and moving away from me. “Shit, that shouldn’t have happened. I...I shouldn’t have done that.” He stood up abruptly, and I would have done the same, had I not felt as weak as I did.
“It’s OK”, I said gently, still getting over the feeling of his lips. “No. It’s not OK”, he replied, shaking his head. “Don’t you get it? You’re an inmate.” There was a small pause before he cleared his throat and added, “I’ll get Officer Yoongi to take you back to your cell, 42.” And with that, he upped and left, leaving me alone with my thoughts.
As promised, Yoongi appeared about ten minutes later, eyeing me warily. “You over your hissy fit now, 42? Or do I need to keep you here overnight?”
I sighed at his condescending tone. “I’m OK officer, can you take me back?” I knew the cell was bad, but somehow, being alone in a soundproof room was worse. He didn’t handcuff me due to the injuries on my hands, but instead opted to hold my arms in place behind my back as he marched me back. The majority of inmates were sleeping, so I guessed it was pretty late. My cell had been tidied by someone after my little outburst.
Jungkook and Taehyung were nowhere to be seen- they probably weren’t on night duty. Yoongi told me there would be painkillers with my breakfast in the morning, but for now, I should sleep off the pain. I nodded, and he left. But having just woke up, I was no longer tired. All I could think about was Jungkook, and what on Earth possessed him to kiss me.
I eventually did fall into a restless sleep, and had Namjoon plague my subconscious thought until I woke up. I must have overslept because I woke up to some porridge-looking muck along with two painkillers and a glass of water. I groaned inwardly- I was so weak from hunger, yet I still refused to eat this shit. I was almost as stubborn as Namjoon was- and he was pretty fucking stubborn.
“Today is exercise day!”, a voice bellowed from somewhere nearby. “And after that all inmates will be allowed a shower!” I grimaced- about time. Before landing in here, I showered every day, and here, inmates could shower once every three days. There were circumstances- in my first week, like I said, I cried myself into a fever. I had asked Officer Taehyung if I could shower because it would make me feel better, and to my surprise, he allowed it.
I ignored my breakfast, opting to down the painkillers and water, and waited for them to come round and let me out. I hated this ‘exercise’ thing because I was surrounded by big, burly women who were often pretty violent. I had managed to keep out of sight so far, but it was only a matter of time someone decided to pick on me- they were honestly like school bullies. It was weird, even prison had hierarchies.
Today was exercise day, which meant it was Friday- which meant Jungkook and Yoongi were on duty. But to my surprise, it was Officer Hoseok who walked past with Yoongi. When he came in to collect my uneaten breakfast and to usher me out, I asked him casually, where Officer Jungkook was. “He called in sick this morning”, was his nonchalant response. Of course, he wouldn’t bother giving me details because I was ‘just an inmate.’
I walked past him and followed the row of orange-clad women out of the double doors and into the yard, and resumed to take my usual spot, leaning against the brick wall. I warily watched the muscly guards who had us surrounded, an d were poised, ready to respond to the first sign of trouble.
My mind started to wander once more. It couldn’t be a coincidence that Jungkook called in sick the day after he kissed me...could it? Was he avoiding me? I bit my lip in thought. He must have really regretted the kiss.
Thankfully our time outside was soon over, and we trudged back in, forming queues to go into the shower rooms. I hated these communal showers, where you could see everything- nothing was left to the imagination. It was truly disgusting, and degrading and just...not nice.
I was getting pushed and shoved by short-tempered inmates, and somehow I ended up at the back of a very long queue. And this was only a third of us- we were let out in three separate groups- morning, afternoon and evening, because otherwise it would be pure mayhem.
By the time it got to me, I realised I would be the only one in the shower room. We were taken inside in groups of 8, as there were 8 showers. But as the 8 people before me shuffled forward, only leaving me outside, I sighed in relief. A shower, by myself? Bliss.
I slowly started unwrapping the bandages from my hand. I couldn’t leave them on, because wet bandages were a bad idea. That was just asking for an infection. I hissed in pain as the dried blood made me tug at the bandages to try and pry them off. I was scared I would reopen the wounds, but I had no choice.
My eyes were screwed shut tightly and my lips were pressed together to stop myself from yelling out. I was exerting so much energy, and because I already had a mild fever, I broke into a light sweat. Just as well I was about to shower.
My eyes shot open at the sound of someone clearing their throat. “Jungkook”, I panted lightly, reeling from the fire within my hands. hadn’t even fully unbandaged one hand yet, and I was a mess. “Why are you here? Officer Hoseok said you called in sick.”
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I just realized I read the ending before this part XD
"His supplier, some poor bastard called Jackson," I died 😂 I literally can't think of Jackson that way (please excuse my childishness)
Lol samme 😂😂 @P1B2Bear
@P1B2Bear lmao oops😂😂😂
omg!!!! too good
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