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Annyeong! ^^ So, I decided to put together some wonderful Leeteuk quotes...I don't own any of them, but I hope you enjoy :) There's only two days left until Leeteuk's birthday! Let's do our best and show him our love by spreading #LeeteukDay :) (I'm actually not sure how people tweet and spread that...but I hope he knows our love for him ^^)
"Under my motto which is ‘time and effort and sweat don’t betray you’ I work the hardest every single day. I’m the leader of SJ, Leeteuk."
"Thank you for following this fool’s lead...I never know what leadership is, all I know is how to keep Super Junior as one family."
"I'm happy when I'm on stage. I like the wave of blue. I like the eardrum splitting of loud screams. I like to be able to breathe alongside with the members. Each and every stage is a reminiscence, and a happy memory."
"There is a start but there is no end for Super Junior..."
"Super Junior is not just a moment but forever. We can create the word Forever together..."
"Because when we just debuted in a concert with other groups, we saw there were some sapphire blue colors, between all the other colors of all the other fandoms. Day by day, the sapphire blue color kept growing, getting bigger and bigger. We realized that the sapphire blue color is the source of our spirit, happiness and our strength. As we know from the legend, ELF is a beautiful creature like a fairy. They’re beautiful and always give happiness like they spell it. Because I realized those creatures that we see now, that always make a sapphire blue ocean that is the most beautiful thing, are like ELF in the legend. They’re also beautiful, always giving happiness to us, always protecting us. So I named them, ELF. Now those creatures are so many and make big sapphire blue oceans which is so beautiful, the most beautiful thing. Even though we don’t know all of them, but we know they’re always there where ever we go, and I love them all. Those creatures are E.L.F, our everlasting friends.” (the reason why LeeTeuk named super junior fans “ELF”)
“To the world’s best and biggest fans-club; when there is no one who give us approval, when there is nobody knowing us, you let us become the best and famous people…Our ELF once again thank you very much.”
“We’re going to continue on until the day that Pearl Sapphire Blue Balloons cover the entire world."
Yes when they all come back the world well realize what a precious jewel truly looks like they have been through so much and I'm so happy that they love each other so much and that Leeteuk Oppa takes care of them like a true omma would I will forever love this group they have taught me so much I love them more then anything ❤️❤️❤️ and I will stay here forever
@Keniaaxox Me too...especially cause even the media doesn't list them anymore when talking about SM artists... :/ But, I know they'll blow the world away again when they're all together :)
I'm kinda sad how many people don't know about Super Junior, they're such a gem 😔