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Hai Hai~ I am currently on the look out for mod supports for the Topp Dogg Community! I will need about 4-5 mod supporters. Okay so if you want to be a mod support here is what you need to know: 1. You have to be active on Vingle most of the time. I'm young so I'm active. (Unless if you have a situation going on then that will be okay.) 2. You don't have to know the members well. Many Vinglers can help reach out. 3. Since there are currently 10 members, Each person will get 2 members to post about. If I have 5 supporters then I will post my cards about whatever I have planned for a member or the group. 4. There will be a schedule that the community will go by. Even if someone is not part of the mod support group. I believe they are a part of it they aren't just named in the community history. 5. LET ME KNOW IF THERE IS ANY NON TOPP DOGG RELATED CARDS!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's annoying when someone posts non related things into the wrong community. For example, Let's say someone wrote a post ALL about Jay Park but they post it in the EXO community. Any non related cards will be deleted. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6. And just have fun! I want the Topp Dogg community to get more popular and more publishers! We only have about.. 95 members? Something like that. But if you want to be a mod support just comment and I will PM you :D (BTW, PM means private message you. Just in case no one knew.)
Like my edits? hehehe I love them <3
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I would like to be mod, but not sure if I qualify for it. I'm willing to work hard to be involve in this community.
I'm on here like a lot, I would love to be a supporter 😊
TOPP DOGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!β€πŸ’™β€πŸ’™β€πŸ’™β€πŸ’™
I'm active I want to get to know them more I wanna help!! I'M USEFUL
Hello! l would like to be supporter πŸ˜„ I wanna help!!!β™₯