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Hello to all! I'm excited to introduce myself as the moderator for the FanFiction Community! :D This is my first time as a moderator so I'll make sure to work hard!❤
A few things about me~❤ I asked my friends to describe me using idols as comparasion and without hesitation they all screamed Super Junior's Kyuhyun, but quickly added that I had the same humor as iKON's Bobby but with a bit of the same 4D as Taehyung from BTS in the mix. ....... On which I won't respond to their answers and just..... e.e Anime wise- they said I was like Kon from Bleach. Again, my only answer is--> (~e.e)~ How do I see myself? Well, I'm a dork! :D
ANYWAYS~ Bias groups in order of where I rank them~ BIGBANG BTS Astro EXO VIXX iKON and so on an so forth. I haven't ranked my other groups, sorry! Will I talk about Biases? Um no. It's best ya'll don't see me fangirl..... ❤ Bias Animes (not in order, sorry- it's harder to rank anime)~ Naruto Yu Yu Hakusho Dragon Ball Z Bleach One Punch Skip Beat OURAN HIGHSCHOOL HOST CLUB!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ and much more actually! Who are my biases in these animes..... #secrettoo TV shows~ Supernatural!! Merlin Parks and Recreation and others I can't think of right off the back...
ON THE OTHER HAND~ Hmm. Lemme see. I'm a college student, I fanfic on the daily while juggling a part time job for a Korean retail store and I also work for KpopINT, Even though I've been into anime since I was like 5, my very first fandom that I completely engulfed myself in was the Twilight Fandom....❤ No shame. #TeamEdward Resume~ I have my own FanFiction stored under one collection in case you're interested:) Currently working on my BigBang novel, Foreign Flower but more stories will debut for everyone to enjoy!❤
Plans for the FanFiction Community~ 1. I plan on releasing all of my writing tips that I have stored in my laptop because well, why not? Anything to help a friend express their feelings! :) Keep an eye out on those cards~❤ 2. FanFic/Writing memes....... Because the struggle is real. And because they're hilarious! XD 3. Weekly prompts! Why? Because anyone and everyone can write! Sometimes we just don't know where to start and I'd love to be some kind of encouraging coach!❤❤❤ Details will be explained when the first card comes out.❤ :)
HOWEVER~ Guidelines will be set from the Fanfic Community just to keep everything running smoothly.❤ So please keep an eye out for that card to be released. It's not that I'm trying to stop you guys, it's just that sometimes boundaries are needed to prevent complete havoc from unleashing. Along with the guideline card, I will be asking for those who would like to volunteer to be supporters. I only have 1 right now but I'll let you know in the next card!
So everyone, let's have a great third quarter! I'll work hard for everyone and keep things nice and tidy! Please tag me in all your FanFictions! It doesn't matter the OTP, the plot, or anything! I look forward to it all!❤❤❤ Let's keep our imagination running together!❤
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Kyuhyun is the best maknae ever! I lubs him and you will lub him too by the time I am done with you are just as evil as he is so it works. and yes!!! TEAM JACOB!! who needs pasty toothpick when they can have tan smexy abs! Plus Edward.... well Edward... geez the man was glittery! and dont judge my three lovingness!!
cheering for you 100%
Fighting!! Lol so late~