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The nerves in your stomach are going crazy, your hands are shaking; you find it hard to catch your breath. You aren’t scared, you’re excited. Anticipation of this day has had you crazy and a mess for the last 6 months. Who would have imagined 2 years ago that the man whose soul you fell in love with would not only become your physical lover but the most important person in your world. It still blows your mind and makes you emotional that he feels the same way about you.
You can feel the tears begin to well up again in your eyes, but before they can fall a handkerchief shows up, attached to Lee’s hand.
“NO CRYING! Bloody hell, how am I supposed to keep you looking beautiful and not like a raccoon if you keep crying!”
“Didn’t you buy the waterproof mascara? You know me better, I’m a boob! There’s no way I’ll get through this day without looking like a swollen chipmunk or a zombie. Fix it!”
“The mascara is waterproof but not your eyeliner!”
“Then go get [HN]’s. I don’t know why we didn’t just use his in the first place.”
“Because he is using it.”
You roll your eyes. “I’m sure his make-up has been done for a while now, would you please go grab it from him?”
“Yes bridezilla,” Lee curtsies and you throw a hairbrush at her. She sidesteps, laughs maniacally and shuts the door.
Bridezilla. You haven’t been that bad these last 6 months have you? Let her get engaged to a major KPOP idol, have the world’s eyes on you, deal with the backlash of him marrying a foreigner, and still try to plan a private, small event. Your nerves are shot! If Gi hadn’t been there and taken care of most of the wedding plans and he hadn’t been taking care of the bad press; you would have called it quits months ago.
Eun walks in, looking amazing in traditional Hanbok.
“You’ll be honest with me; I’m not really a bridezilla am I?”
Eun laughs, “Who called you that? Oh, Lee wasn’t it.”
She puts her hand on your own Hanbok and smiles over your shoulder at you in the mirror.
“I just think she’s jealous and a little upset. You are marrying an extremely sexy, wealthy man that treats you like a queen. And even though you’ve been with him for the last 2 years, marriage is pretty final. She probably feels like she’s being left behind. [HN] felt that way when Jaewoon and I got married; it’s natural for such a close friend. You just have to remember to keep including her, show her that nothing will change.”
You turn and wrap Eun in a hug. “I’m forever grateful that I chose to get to know you when [HN] suggested it. Even though I thought he was yours at the time, I knew you had to be exquisite to have his love. Thank you my friend, for accepting me and loving me along with him.”
The tears now start in Eun’s eyes.
“How could I not love the woman that holds my best friends heart and soul in her hands? He was pretty great before he met you; I have to say he’s almost perfect now." She laughs, "Don’t tell him I said that. But seriously, you’ve made him a better man; the difference in his countenance is incredible. So listen to yourself. It takes an exquisite woman to hold his love,” she turns you back to the mirror, “and there she is.”
“UGH! I’m not going to make it through this day!” You complain as you dab at your eyes again. Eun laughs and starts to fuss with your hair.
“If it’s any comfort, he’s down wearing a path in the carpet. He’s not nervous, he’s anxious. He keeps looking at his watch and complaining that it must be broken, time isn’t moving fast enough.”
The two of you have mixed the traditions of his country and yours for the wedding. You’d already taken wedding pictures in your gown and his tux. Today’s ceremony is in Hanboks, the reception will be in dressy travel clothes so that you can leave directly for the airport. You finally got him to spill that he booked the honeymoon in Bora Bora, Tahiti. There really wasn't a whole lot to pack and both of you are getting away with small carry-on’s.
You hear the music start downstairs and your stomach clenches. Finally! This is it, the day you’ve waited for your whole life, the one you've anticipated the last 6 months. The two of you would have preferred a short 1 month engagement but his manager and parents convinced you that his fans deserved better. The members of his group are here and singing for the wedding.
You take a deep breath and open the door. [HN]’s dad is standing there; ready to lead you down the stairs and into his son’s waiting arms.
As the doors open and you get your first look at the man you’ll spend the rest of your life with, your breathing stops. He’s stunning. He’s always taken your breath away but today you just can’t find any words to describe him or how you’re feeling. You are unimaginably proud to call him yours and still staggering at the thought that he picked you out of everyone, to claim as his.
The look in his eyes as they land on you is remarkable and filled with so much love that you grip his father’s arm a little tighter; it wouldn't do to collapse.
He steps forward to take your hand in his.
The two of you exchange rings, symbolizing your never ending love, a circle of life that should always continue to come back to each other. Life is living, living is for loving, and loving the right person is what makes the circle complete.
당신은 영원히 그를 사랑합니다
You’ll love him eternally.
Thanks so much for all the love this fan fiction received! As it was the end, I used my bias and his favorite vacation spot, author's privilege. :) All you Escapists are incredible, its humbling to me. Salanghe!
This story has been one of my favorite fanfics. 😊 Any chance I can talk you into (HN) POV of this story? 😀
aww 💕💕💞
Thank you again for such an amazing story.
Oh I hate to see it come to an end. Beautiful ending to a beautiful story.😊 Thank you for sharing it with us!💖💖
Oh, so sweet! a beautiful ending. I knew it had to come eventually but I'm still a little sad. At least I can still go back and read it all again. Love this, love him, love you!
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