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SEVENTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! Proud to be a carat here! My favorite sub group is the vocal unit and my bias is Joshua! I'm also MinGyu biased! Here are some pictures of them and a dragon from Dragon City for each member. Enjoy!
Choi Seungcheol (S. Coups) Dragon: Monstrous Characteristics: powerful, strong, determined
Yoon Jeonghan Dragon: Nenufar Characteristics: Vibrant, Aesthetic, Bold
Joshua Hong (Hong Jisoo) Dragon: Waterfall Characteristics: cool, chill, heavenly
Wen Jun Hui Dragon: Blizzard Characteristics: dark, mysterious, cold
Kwon Soonyoung (Hoshi) Dragon: Electric Characteristics: energetic, cute, bright
Jeon Wonwoo Dragon: Storm Characteristics: powerful, strong, confident
Lee Jihoon (Woozi) Dragon: Waterfall Characteristics: cute, adorable, silly
Lee Seokmin (DK, Dokyeom) Dragon: Moose Characteristics: manly, tough, tall
Kim MinGyu Dragon: Seashell Characteristics: smooth, suave, cute
Xu Minghao (The8, D8) Dragon: Star Characteristics: active, outgoing, great
Boo Seungkwan Dragon: Nature Characteristics: self-surrounded, self-centered, awesome
Choi Hansol (Vernon) Dragon: Cool Fire Characteristics: superfluous, sweet, chill
Lee Chan (Dino) Dragon: Gummy Characteristics: cute, young, nice
I hope you enjoyed my card! I also hope that @EwSeungkwan will allow me to post this card in the Seventeen community. Fingers crossed!
Umm sorry to break it to you but... That is BamBam not Minghao xD
I love this group soo much picking a bias is soo hard but sub unit wise I love the rap unit of course...s.coups was and is one of my main bias for the group but as of recent the8 , Vernon and dk have been killing me but I love them all.....and for that a pic of bambam....,😂😂
@MrsJungHoseok oh crap! Thanks for seeing that! I'll fix it!
@LocoForJiyong Ikr! I was like.. Something is off with my bias Minghao.. Then I noticed his cheeks and nope it's BamBam xD
@LocoForJiyong thanks so much for spotting that mistake! It's fixed now, but they look so similar!
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