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Minseok kissed you inside the door and against the first wall he could find. His lips demanding, his tongue rough. You kicked off your shoes and watched as Minseok leaned down to undo his. His fingers were quick, unlacing the shoes with precision. His breathing frantic as he only wanted to return back to your slightly swollen lips.
Minseok eyes you up and down, taking his bottom lip into his mouth. He nods up at your dress. “Take it off baby.” He says as his eyebrows shoot up. His face alone was enough to make you wet, but his eyebrows..
Luckily the dress has a side zipper, making it easier for you to take it off sexily. Minseoks eyes watched your hand glide up your thigh as he switched feet and started on the other shoe.
You let the dress fall, leaving you exposed to Minseok. A groan came from his throat that made your whole body shiver. He let his eyes wander around your body before his head dropped. You looked down at him.
“I was gonna tease the living shit out of you,” He spoke, his voice somehow hitting your core, making it wetter. “But,” He continued, starting to stand. “I don’t know if I can.”
Minseoks lips were on you as he pushed you back against the wall. You cried out at the force and moaned at the cool wall on your burning skin. His tongue dominated your mouth as his hand went between your legs. Minseok cupped your sex and started rubbing you through the fabric.
“So wet already?” He said at your lips with a smirk. You pulled on his shirt and whimpered as he took his hand away from your heat to take it off.
Minseok noticed your whine and smirked at you.
“You want me to touch you again?” He asked, his smile spreading. You nodded and he started to chuckle. You pushed the tips of your fingers into his pants and pulled him onto you. A shiver slid up your spine as you pushed your lips on his.
Minseok groaned as you took control. Your hands fumbling for his belt and ripping it from the loops. Carefully, you touched his stomach. Running your fingers over his abs lines while your other hand, laced in his hair, pushing him into the kiss.
Minseoks hand came to the one in his hair and slammed it against the wall. You cried out and scratched his side in shock.
“Let’s not forget just who’s in charge here.” He whispers in your ear. You moan at the heat of his breath and the sound of his voice. Minseok trails his tongue up your ear and your legs buckle. He smirks as he pulls back, his hand still holding you firm.
Minseok turns. Spinning you as his grip on your hand looses only to let you turn comfortably. He pulls you down the hall and into the bedroom. Closing the door and pushing you against it.
He lifts you, taking your mouth hostage as his hands grips your ass. Minseoks kiss intoxicates you. You moan into his mouth as your body pulses at his prodding tongue. You squeeze him in between your thighs in hope for some sort of release. What you got was a groan from him. It hit your core, as it vibrates through your lips and down your throat. Your lips become more hungry for his. Taking his tongue with yours you suck it harshly, granting you another groan. Minseok broke the kiss gasping for air along with you.
“Shit baby,” he said out of breath as he set you down on the floor. Your legs felt weak and you held onto his shoulders for support.
He backed away from you, his bottom lip between his teeth.
“On the bed.” Minseok ordered, reaching for his pant button. You licked your lips and watched as his strong fingers snapped the button from its home.
“Now.” His voice filled the room as he gestured to the bed with his eyebrows. You eyed the tent in his pants as you walked over to the bed. His dominance turned you on so much, but you still liked to play with him. To see how far you could take him on your own. You slid you hands onto the bed, showcasing your ass for him as you crawled into the bed. Turning around to face him you threw back your head.
“Fuck.” He said, his hand moved down his cock and it turned you on more to see him stroking himself. You met his eyes and bit your lip. Pushing yourself up, you ran your hand over your sex, feeling how wet you were. You threw you head up and moaned.
“Oh, Daddy. I’m so wet.”
Minseoks face was absolute sex as he groaned loudly and went to stroke himself harder.
“Fuck baby, daddy’s here.” He slurs, pushing down on himself one more time before taking his hand away.
“Knees up baby girl.” Minseok groaned. He made his way between your legs and up to your lips. His mouth attacked yours as you moaned into him. He pushed you into the bed, his hand holding your thigh. You could feel his hard cock on your skin.
Minseok growled into your mouth as he pulled away, leaving some of sound to fill the room. His hands roughly found your panties and ripped them from your body. You cried out at his force as you bounced back onto the bed, but moaned when his lips came in contact with your clitoris.
Your back arched and your head fell back in bless as he sucked on you. Minseoks middle finger came to your entrance and you could feel your stomach tighten. Your hips pushed against his tongue, lips, and finger. He added another and you rocked up on him harder and faster as you drove yourself to your orgasm.
“Daddy!” You scream, your hand going to his hair to push him onto yourself harder.
“I’m close… I’m… I’m gonna..”
His fingers exited you as his lips gave your clit a loud kiss. You groan in frustration making Minseok laugh.
“Oh baby,” he said, his sexy face coming up to yours. “I’m just getting started.”
You used this time to remind him just how horny he was as well. Pushing up your hips, you meet his hard member, rubbing it against the inside of your thigh. Minseok groans and let’s his head fall onto your chest.
His hands push up your bra, exposing your breasts to him as you keep moving your thigh on his cock. His pre come spreading on your flesh.
You moan as his lips take your nipple between his teeth. His tongue glides over the nub, while his teeth pinch at the sensitive flesh. Minseoks hand takes your other nipple and mimics the movements from his mouth. You rock your hips up again and again. Moans and groans filled the air, as Minseok brought you so close to your orgasm once again.
“Shit.” He said, pulling away. You whine, causing Minseok to chuckle as he crawled away from you.
“Please..” You plead, grabbing for his shoulders.
“Please what, princess?” His tone was somehow steady as he grabbed your ankles and pulled you down. Your legs were spread with Minseok in the middle. He hummed at his sight and kissed up your abdomen as he brought his member to your entrance.
“Please fuck me.” You whined, feeling his cock there made you want him so much more. You rock up in hopes you push him in a bit, but his hands come to your sides and hold you firm against the bed.
“How is it that you want me to fuck you, baby?” He said. Minseoks hands roamed your pelvis and stomach, tightening and pushing you back down when you tried to buck up.
“Hard.” You breathed, liking the nod you got from him.
“Fast.” You whined as he twisted the tips of his fingers inside you.
Minseok hummed and came to your face. Pushing most of his body onto yours.
“Then hold on.” He whispered in your ear before slamming into you. You cry out at the suddenness of it all, but quickly moan into each thrust.
Minseok groans against your skin as he fucks you back. Burying himself and pulling out so quickly. It was hard to focus on anything but pain and pleasure, mixed with sounds that Minseok was trying to hide in your neck. He pounded you and you knew you were a mess; moaning and grabbing at his back.
Minseok hit your sweet spot and you scratch his back as white comes into the corners of your eyes. Moaning and crying out as your hips push up to meet each of his hard thrusts. Your body loved it and you knew Minseok was enjoying it.
“Fuck.” He groaned through his teeth as your nails came down his back. Minseoks hand came to your arm and pushed it into the bed in hopes for mercy on his back. You cried out again as your body tightened around him. His pace was relentless and your body couldn’t handle much more.
“Fuck. Fuck, Minseok I’m gonna come.” You screamed, trying to pull your hand away from Minseoks grip so you could trail your nails down his back along with your other hand.
Minseok reached for your other hand as it dug into his flesh. He hissed, taking it and slamming it beside your head. This somehow allowed him to go quicker and stronger.
With his weight on your wrists he pounded into you quicker and harder. Your stomach doing flips and your thighs pulling him in for more.
“You can’t come until I say you can, baby.” He said over you, his hips hit yours hard and the sound echoed through the room.
“Please, I’m so close Daddy!” You ask, rushing your words as you stood on the edge to your orgasm.
Minseok groaned and rocked into you, rolling his hips against your sweet spot.
“Daddy, please!” Your hands went to fists as you tried to find something to grab onto.
“Now baby.” He growls, close to his own release.
Your hips swung up to meet his as his fingertips dug into your wrists. Your walls clench around him and your body shakes with its release. You cry out as he continues to fuck you, in search of his own.
“Oh~” You moan. Your lungs and wrists stung as you start to come down from your high. Minseok stills inside you and you watch his face as he pushes into you to release all of himself inside of you. His face was beautiful and he rode you out through both of your highs.
“Fuck.” He said pulling out and looking down at you.
“We’re gonna have a talk about a few things later.” He said, panting. Your eyebrows flew up.
“About what?” You asked, trying to think about what you did wrong.
“About using nice words, demanding, remember who’s in charge and scratching the living shit out of me.” He said and you were immediately turned on to the idea of Daddy-Minseok coming out to punish you.
“What can I do to make it up to you?” You asked, finally catching your breath.
“We’ll talk about that later. For now, go get the Aloe Vera.”
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