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Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader Genre: Smut ~Public sex with Baekhyun because he's been wrecking me lately.
You stretched your legs out across the picnic blanket as you raised your arms up to the blue sky stretching your limbs lazily. A groan left your throat as your shoulders popped, relief spreading through your body. “You’re extremely vocal today.” Your boyfriend Baekhyun laughed as he reached across your body grabbing an open water bottle.  “Shut up.” You responded playfully tipping the bottle causing the water to spill down his shirt. You breathed out a quiet whoops before laughing hysterically at the look of bewilderment on Baekhyun’s face. “Hey! What was that for?” He grabbed the hem of his shirt with his free hand pulling it away from him in an attempt to get the wet fabric off of him without taking off his shirt. He pursued his lips together, his eyebrows knitting together the annoyance obvious on his face. “You ungrateful little-” “You’re such a baby Baekkie. It’s just a little water.” You teased poking your tongue out at him before rolling your eyes. You glanced around the bushes that were hiding the two of you staring at the almost abandoned playground. You could feel your inner child coming out. You began to turn to ask Baekhyun if the two of you could play on it when the feeling of cold water being dumped on you flooded your senses. “What the-!?"  "It’s just a little waaaaaater.” Baekhyun mocked in a voice a couple octaves above normal with his signature smirk. He didn’t expect you to throw your body at his when you did. Because of the sudden assault you succeded in pushing him on to his back your legs thrown on opposite sides of him keeping him trapped onto the ground. You ignored his cries as ypu reached over grabbing another water bottle uncapping it swiftly tilting the opening right above his face. Caught up in the moment you carelessly forgot about his free hands which pushed the bottle in your direction causing the contents to spill on your abdomen and legs. You let out a frustrated yell smacking his arm before crawling off of him. “And what made you think that you could get away with doing that?” He asked triumphantly.  You answered him with a glare. You were actually really annoyed that he decided to get you soaking wet. He knew how much you detested wet clothing being on your body. You sat up on your knees your fingers unbuttoning your shorts before wiggling them down your thighs. You felt his eyes on you as you sat down on the blanket pulling the wet garmet off of your legs. “What do you think you’re doing?” His face starting to blush as you started pulling off your shirt. “You know I don’t like being in wet clothes.” You said plainly. Once successful in getting your shirt off you laid back on the only dry spot on the blanket. You knew that Baekhyun was probably nervous for the both of you for taking off your clothes in public but it didn’t matter to you at the moment. Besides it wasn’t like anyone could see you unless they decided to walk behind the bushes that was keeping the both of you well hidden. “You’re being incredibly spoiled today.” His fingertips began trailing up the inside of your thigh delicately. You refused to let him get to you. “Why are you being such a big baby hmm?” He pinched the inside of your thigh gently. You propped yourself up on your elbows staring at him with a blank expression on your face. His lips were on yours in seconds. His hands cupped your face as his lips massaged against yours slowly. When you didn’t return his advances he began pecking your lips saying a word between each kiss. “Why are you being a brat? Are you pouting because I haven’t given you dick in a while baby?" He snickered. "We’re in public.” You sighed finally giving in and pulling his body closer to you. “So what.” He pressed a hand on your chest pushing you back onto the blanket once more. His body hovered over yours as his lips found yours once more.  You cupped his face in your hands bringing his face closer to yours. The tip of his tongue ran over your bottom lip before slipping into your mouth. His hand creeped up your legs once more before pushing your inner thigh to the side forcing your legs open to allow the lower half of his body to rest between your legs. Your breath mingled with his as your tongue brushed along his before drawing back into your mouth to suck on his tongue softly. His index finger pressed against your clit teasing you as he ran his finget up and down slowly. His teeth sunk into your bottom lip as your hands fumbled the button of his pants undone. He sucked your bottom lip into his mouth reasserting his dominance, slipping his finger underneath the fabric of your panties to stroke against your clit. His finger moved in slow lazy circles. A quiet moan of relief escaped your parted lips as you spread your legs wider giving him more acess. He released your lip from his grip as he took your invintation. He angled his hand so that the palm of his hand rested on your clit as he traced the entrance to your vagina with the digit of his finger. Your hips began to move from side to side in hope that his finger would slide inside of you. “You’re not wet enough.” He said with a dissaproving look on his face. Annoyance once again washed over you when he removed his hand from your panties. You propped yourself up on your elbows once more looking down at Baekhyun. His hands gripped the hem of your panties rolling them down and off your legs quickly. You raised an eyebrow as he once again pushed your legs open. “You’re seriously going-” You bit down on your bottom lip when Baekhyun’s moist pink lips made contact with your vagina.  “Shh.” He managed to mumble quietly. He spread open your clit slowly, his tongue quickly poking out to flick at your clit giving it an experimental lick.  A quiet whine escaped your lips as you shifted your hips once more. He lifted his head a teasing expression written over his face. “Behave and try to keep quiet for me yeah? We are in public you know."  His head descended between your legs his moist lips enclosing around your clit earning a satisfied moan. He shook his head slightly the sudden thought of the two of you getting caught sent adrenaline through his body. His tongue traced around your clit drawing out more moans from your parted lips. A low groan emitted from his mouth as you pushed your hips forward grinding your lips against his. Waves of pleasure shot through your body as Baekhyun nibbled on your clit moving his lips to compliment the movement of your hips. His tongue ran along your vagina until it reached your entrance before dragging it upwards back to your clit. One too many times he had to stop his movements to tell you to be quiet. "Keep it down.” He sat up leaning in towards you to press his lips against yours. He wasted no time in plunging his tongue into your mouth which brushed along yours desperately. He panted in your mouth as you palmed his erection returning the same level of need and desperation. You sucked his bottom lip into your mouth sucking coaxing a whimper out of him. “Keep it down.” You mocked teasingly as he pulled away from you. He gave you a lustful glare. You were definitely going to pay and just the very thought of it excited you. He sat up on his knees pulling his pants and boxers down freeing his erection. He threw a glance over his shoulder before grabbing your ankles and hooking them over his shoulders. With your back on the picnic blanket you stared up at him expectantly. “How bad do you miss me being inside of you?” He licked his thumb before pressing it against your clit rubbing it in delicate circles. You answered him with a breathy moan. He wasn’t going to give you what you wanted until you gave him what he wanted.  “Baekhyun, please.” Your eyes locked on with his he gave you an innocent smile. He pinched your clit gently letting you know that you were going to have to do better then that. “I miss the feeling of you being inside of me so much. I promise I won’t be a brat anymore.” You manage to squeak out as Baekhyun pressed the tip of his dick against your entrance. “Much better.” Baekhyun pushed the length of his dick into you inch by inch causing your back to arch slightly off of the ground. A loud moan erupted from your mouth relief from a two month long dick probation immediately washing over your body. Your walls hugged around the length of his dick comfortably as he rested snuggly letting you adjust. After a moment Baekhyun leaned forward placing his hand over your mouth as he began to pull his hips back and forth relentlessly. Each time he pushed himself forward he managed to push the head of his dick deeper into you. He placed his hand on the opposite sides of your body keeping him upwards as his hips moved in circular motions his pelvis grinding against yours. He hit a sensitive spot causing you to let out a cry of ecstasy which was quickly muffled when he crashed his lips onto yours, his movements never stopping. To get things moving along before the two of you were caught he pressed his lips against the base of your neck sucking the skin roughly as his fingers found your clit once more. He pushed his hips at an angle so that with each thrust he’d hit your G-spot with unimaginable force. Overwhelmed with pleasure you dug your nails into his shoulder blades his name falling from your lips in a moan. You leaned upwards your tongue licking the side of his neck sloppily. A melodic moan came from his lips as he tilted his head back his eyes closing in pleasure. The movement of his hips slowed abrubtly his fingers made up for it as they ghosted across your clit before rubbing it in gentle circles. With your orgasm drawing closer your walls hugged his dick tightly causing Baekhyun to gasp. He was closer then you were but he wasn’t going to allow himself to come first. The jerk always made sure of that. He leaned forward his lips brushing up against your ear.  “Are you going to cum for me baby?” His tongue traced your ear his breath coming out in short pants as he struggled to keep himself from coming before you. “I missed you so fucking much.” He bit your earlobe gently as your release came hitting you hard. Your back arched as your orgasm made your body tremble, his name rolled off of your tongue in a loud moan. At this point if anyone was at the park they knew exactly what the two of you were doing but you didn’t care. Baekhyun’s movements stuttered as his own orgasm came shortly after yours. He rode his orgasm out before finally pulling himself out of you. You sighed in satisfaction before the feeling of panic set in as you spotted a wide-eyed boy and his mother staring right at the both of you. “Oh shit.” You quickly scrambled upright reaching for your clothes pulling them on hastily.  “You weren’t being modest two minutes ago. Why the sudden change of heart?” He laughed as he adjusted himself. You turned his head to the side. “Oh fuck...” He muttered once his eyes fell on the disgusted mother and child.
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