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The slight tickle at your thigh was what made you stir. Whatever it was moved up and down on your inner thigh and it took all of your willpower to stay asleep. You chose to ignore the tickling sensation in between your legs. You later figured that was a mistake.
You continued in the world between sleep and awake until you felt something swipe down your legs. Again you ignored it. You estimated it only a few minutes until you had to get to work and you needed to savor what little sleep you could get.
That’s when you felt it. The overwhelming pleasure that began coursing through your body and the now unignorable movement right on your core. Your eyes opened, squinting almost immediately at the small rays of morning sunshine that were infiltrating the room through the open window. Your eyes stayed that was until your eyes could focus without being burned by the bright sun. All the while, small moans would escape your open mouth as the pleasure began building and building.
Finally, your eyes traveled downward to what caused you to wake up and what was causing you to slowly get to your release. Your gaze stopped in between your legs. The covers that were supposed to be covering you were now on the ground and something was replacing them.
You see a head of brown hair there, belonging to your boyfriend of a few years Kai, moving up and down in rhythm with each lick you feel at your core. With the realization of what was going on finally dawning on you, the filtering of your moans was no longer necessary. Your hands traveled down your body to hold onto Kai’s soft hair, pulling gently to urge him to continue. All the while, your quiet moans slowly increased in volume, a string of curse words leaving your mouth as the pleasure continued to build up.
Your back arched off of the bed but your lower body stayed in place as Kai’s hands held onto both of your inner thighs. Unfortunately, you dropped back as you felt Kai give one final flat lick against your womanhood before pulling back. He moved to sit up and was kneeling in between your legs on the bed as he looked down at your now heavy breathing form.
“Good morning, jagiyah” Kai’s smile spread throughout his face, causing little crinkles to appear at the corner of his eyes and mouth. He very much resembled a little kid on their way to get ice cream. His expression revealed nothing of what he had been doing just seconds before, all traces of the naughty activity he had just initiated were gone from his face.
Your eyes stayed glue to his face, almost in awe of how different the two sides of his personality were. But your wonder didn’t prevail over your aching need for him. Any other thoughts of him were pushed back to the furthest point of your thoughts as you reached to grab a hold of his shoulder and proceeded to pull him down towards you.
Your lips were placed onto his, kissing him feverishly as your hands trailed down his already shirtless torso down to the boxers that were separating you from him. You tugged slightly at the waistband, parting your lips from his as you did so in order for him to help you take them off.
Kai complied, as you knew he would. His clumsy movements, the way his boxers got stuck on his foot and he had to kick them off in a hurry was what made his need for you more obvious. It caused you to giggle down at his awkwardness. The sound that left you caused him to look at you with a smirk. It wasn’t a sexy smirk, it was much more playful as it always was when it came to making love this early in the morning.
Seeing his state of dress finally match yours, naked, you took a hold of his shoulders again and brought him closer to you. You fully intending to find the release that Kai so rudely denied you earlier. Before you could make thrust yourself onto him though, he flipped you around so suddenly that you were left with wide eyes.
You were on top of him now, your legs on either side of his now lying down form. When you looked down, his smirk was now replaced with a big smile and you knew he was enjoying this. His eyes didn’t hold the lustful look that they usually held in an intimate night. This time, they held a twinkle of humor and happiness. You knew this would be a soft morning.
“Ride me, jagi” His whisper reached your ears and you were more than happy to comply.
You lifted your hips high enough to position your entrance over him and let yourself go down on him. The initial entrance caused a moan to go out of you and a raspy morning gran to escape his mouth. Again looking down at you, you no longer saw his eyes as they were closed. Kai’s mouth was open slightly as he let the pleasure of you around his erect cock overwhelm him.
You bent your body forward slightly, resting both of your hands on his chest for support. Then you began moving. Up and down in a rhythm that was sure to drive both of you crazy. It wasn’t too fast or too slow, it was the perfect tempo for both of you.
As your hands were stable on his chest, his hands were on your derriere, rubbing and from time to time spanking just slight enough so you could feel it. Your head was thrown back as you continued moving up and down on his cock, moaning out the pleasure you were feeling.
Kai wasn’t quiet either. He would release soft sighs of ecstasy and groan out your name. As his noises escalated, you knew he would be releasing soon. You decided to help him out to get there faster.
With a small push of your hands on his chest upwards, you lifted yourself up to the point where only his tip was left inside you. Then you engulfed him inside you again. You repeated this several times, all times you were left moaning loudly and he was left arching his back in need of more.
“I love you so much” Kai’s raspy voice yelled to the room, the only sounds other than his exclamation of love to you was your moans. Those moans were what kept you from responding to him.
As you continued your newly found trick a couple more times, you felt the warning of your incoming release. You continued, quicker this time. Your new tempo caused Kai’s hands to press down on your sides as he began helping you with your new speed.
“K-Kai” Your words were broken as you tried to formulate a sentence as you continued riding him “I’m close”
At your words, you felt his hips move up in an upward thrust. He was taking the tempo in his own hands and taking control, even though you were the one on top. “Just let go, jagiyah” He groaned out, his words were separated by a mixture of groans and almost animalistic growls.
That’s exactly what you did. Your release came to you hard from the long wait it had. You threw your head back and moaned loudly, riding out your orgasm. Right afterwards you felt Kai pull out of you then heard his deep groan and you knew he had just came.
You were left lying, face down down on the bed, breathing heavy from the event that just occurred. You felt an arm go around your waist and move you to the left, into a very sweaty chest. You pushed against him in protest but instead of moving him away, you got an amused laugh from him.
“Good morning again” He whispered into your ear then nuzzling his nose into the side of your neck, causing you to giggle at his cute antics.
“Good morning to you too” You mumbled against your pillow, then you raised your head up and turned to look at him. He was laying on his side and looking at you with a soft smile. You smiled back at him and leaned forward, kissing the tip of his nose “I love you too” As you pulled back and went back to your position, you mumbled one last thing “Wake me up like that more often”
You heard another chuckle emit from him and you heard the rustle of the pillow’s fabric and you knew he had nodded in agreement “I definitely will”
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Can he wake me up like that?
well damn that is one excellent morning if I do say so myself.
@BabydollBre I agree. lol
😵...Oh hot did it again! Thanks for another great story👌
dies. he is so rude.
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