Yo!!!! Do y'all see this??!!!! Omg YiJeong is something damn else!!! I'm screaming!! This DoJeong ship is riding high!! This boy surely got a kinky side to him. It is so obvious.
A young man by the name, Jang YiJeong, has claimed bias wrecker title. He's a majorly rude little s**t that can't be tamed (begins singing Miley Cyrus Can't be Tamed). He's either reached Kyungil's rudeness level or surpassed it. That is all.
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YiJeong is already wild! He's just stepping up his game...A LOT!! Control yourself boy!
@xoxorittie yeah that wild boy song is for him.
@MrsKyungil omg I love that song! Haha I love his solo song 1Century
he's my wrecker too!!!!! He overstepped Jaeho and graduated to #2 right behind Kyungil. Dude is a little sh!t. But I love him so friggin much.
馃槀馃憤 perfect wording. Loved it. Especially when you called him a rude little s**t馃槀馃槀鉁岋笍