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While I'm not jealous of their lack of privacy or peace during their relationships, I AM jealous of the celebrity couples that can jet-set somewhere romantic for the weekend just for the hell of it.

Most recently, TSwift and Loki went to Italy just to get away from the paparazzi.


If you could go anywhere right now with your best friend, crush, or lover, where would YOU go?

For me, I'd be back in New York, where my boyfriend has never been. I'd love to show him around the city I love so much! We've also talked about going to Hong Kong sometime next year :3
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Oh Hong Kong sounds nice!!! I would definitely want to go there.
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Back to Venice when it's not so hot!
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paris or italy or new york... in fact all of the above
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I'd love to go to Maui with my crush once my beach body is ready... but it'll never happen... I love food too much
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I wanna go back to Venice!!! I love it there!!! I wish I could live there!!! 馃槏
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