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Rated: M Language, Violence
A/N: I added the intro in in order to connect to the rest of the story. Hope you enjoy.
*Incoming text message*
From: Command
Targets: Kim Jong Lee
Location: 140 ̊ Longitude 41 ̊ Latitude
He set his sights on his target. His breathing is steady, after on last breath he shoots. He sends the text back, “Target Terminated.” Who is he? Known by many as the Reaper. He kills his target always with one shot. He has a record of 171 kills. No one escapes alive.
The Reaper POV
“Incoming Text Message”
Target: Kim Jun-myeon
Mission: Terminate and retrieve the case.
Location: 246 Wilson Drive
Two in one night. Damn I don’t get paid enough for this shit. I set up the rifle and get in position. I scope out the location. Three men in suits. It must be some kind of transaction going on. The one with the briefcase is my intended target. Let’s get this over with. I take the shot but missed. Shit he’s running. I leave the roof and chase them. Fuck I lost him.
Incoming Call: Unknown
You fail to kill your target you will not be paid until he is terminated. You will also not get any more jobs till this one is complete. New mission go undercover as a college student. Go to Seoul University become acquainted with Jun-myeon’s daughter, Y/N. Then get close enough and kill him.”
Understood *end of call*
Start of my third year of college. God I’m so ready for it to be over with. I had to come three day early in order to help freshmen move in. Also to show them around the campus and show them campus clubs. After unpacking my things I head to the university center to get my roster of freshman and go meet them.
I walk to my group and introduce myself. “Hello, my name is Y/N. I am an education major and a third year student. It is nice to meet you all. First order of business is to check to see if everyone is here.
“Byun Baekhyun”- Here
“Oh Sehun”- Here
“Do Kyungsoo”- Here
“Kim Jongin”- Here
“Wu Yifan”- Here
“Kim Jongdae”- Here
“Huang Zitao”- Here
“Zhang Yixing” – Here
“Kim Minseok” Here
“Xi Luhan”- Here
“Park Chanyeol”………. “Park Chanyeol are you here?”
Just as I am about to mark absent. I hear a voice me yelling “here.” I turn around to see a tall boy with glasses running towards me. As he is running he trips and falls. Then he gets up and continues to run. He stop in front of me and bends forward and tries to catch his breath. Then he says, “I’m Park Chanyeol.” He straighten up and grasped my hand and shakes it. More like shakes me he was strong. I look up at him he had the biggest smile on his face. It was kind of dorky but cute. He lets go, and I say,” Mr. Park nice for you to join us. Now let get going.” Then we set off with the tour.
We started the tour. First I explained the university rules. Then I showed them the campus buildings. The library, cafeteria, the science hall, etc. Last stop was the dorms. I personally showed each of them to their room. All of them we located on my hall, we made it so quick and easy to finish. The last one to check in was the late and clumsy, Park Chanyeol. I look at his form and his room was #F3. I was shocked he room was right next to mine.
“Mr. Park, here is your room. I live next door so let me know if you need anything.”
“You can call me Chanyeol and thanks” he said with a smile. Then we parted ways. I went back to my room to finish unpacking my things. About 20 minutes later I hear a knock at the door. Open it to find Chanyeol there. “Hello?” I said. While scratching his head he says, “Can you come here for a minute? I think I broke it. “Broke what?” I asked in a slightly frantic voice. I rush over to find that he broke his zipper off of his suitcase. I look down and put the zipper back one. “Aigo, you scared me I thought broke something that belongs to the school.” He became timid in shy. He mumble under his breath,
“Sorry.” I try to comfort him and say, “No it fine, that’s why I’m here. Just be careful and don’t get hurt.” He nods and give me a big smile. I then leave and return to my room. That day he called me over to his room six times. One time was even to open a jar.
Monday came around and it was the first day of class. As I walked out my room I saw Chanyeol leaning on his door. I bow and say Good Morning. “He smile and says “Good Morning is it ok if I walk with you to class? I made need help finding mine. I ask to see his schedule it said “Psychology 201” For a freshman he had to be super smart to be in an advance course like that. I say, “Well you are lucky this is my first class too.” Not only did I take that class with him, I also took two others with him. Before leaving our last class together Chanyeol approaches me.
“Hey are you free about 12?”
I respond and say,” Yes why?”
"Great can you meet me at the coffee shop?”
“Sure but Why?”
He looks at his watch and says,”Aish, I’m going to be late. Ok see you at the coffee shop twelve. As he runs away he trips over his own feet. He gets up and looks back at me. He saw me chuckling. He smiles and waves, I wave back at him. He is so clumsy. Surprisingly he being around me so much didn’t annoy me.
I arrived at the coffee shop 10 minutes early. I stood in line and order my usual coffee, Iced Caramel Macchiato. As I was about to take out my money to pay, Chanyeol had come up behind me and said” Hello I cover it.” After he gives the cashier the money we walk over to a booth and sit down.
“Thanks for the coffee.”
C: “Oh you’re welcome, think of it as an apology gift.”
Looking puzzled I ask,” Apology gift?
C:“Yes, for bothering you so much. I know I’ve been kind of annoying.”
“Ani, you weren’t. It was fun having someone to talk to.”
C:“Oh well it’s just…..I
He looks down at his hands and starts to play with his fingers. I turn my and lower my head slightly so I can look him in his eyes as he is talking. Then I say, “It’s just what?”
C:“Just I like you I know we just meet but I would real like take you on a date.”
I smile as I see his ears turn red. He was blushing. He was too cute.
“Sure.” His head shot up and he had a huge smile on his face. “Really. Ok here my
number, I will text you.
I smile back “Ok”
Chanyeol/ Reaper POV
Shit that was quick. Damn I can kill him sooner than later. I hate acting like dork in love. From what I know she is not done with class until 2. I can set up the cameras and wire taps. I headed back to the dorm. I was a lot of people walking on the hall. I had to wat 20 minutes before I could pick her lock. I enter the room and it was spotless.
I quickly I install he tap to the room phone and pace three cameras in the room. I was about to walk out of her room until I saw her coming down the hall. Shit! She’s early. I have to hide I quickly get under the bed. I can hear her on the phone. I listen through my head phone.
"So, Noona guess what?"
“I got a date.”
“OMG Yes Finally”
“What do you mean finally?”
"It just me mom and dad were started to get worried. You are 24 and still not married or engaged."
“Well I just wanted to focus on my schooling and career.
“OH ok but don’t let love slip away from you. Or you’ll be an old lady with 20 cats”
She laughs.
“I won’t.”
“So tell me about the mysterious new guy.”
“Well I don’t know much about him. But his name is Park Chanyeol. He is a freshman,
but takes advance classes. We take 3 classes together. He is tall and has the biggest ears.(Damn, my ears aren’t that big.) But they are one of his attractive points. He kind of dorky and clumsy but it is adorable.”
Wow sis cool. Well I hope it works out. You should bring him to dad birthday party next month.
“If it last that long”
You sound excited but let me know how everything goes ok? I will talk to you later. Saranghae.
. “Bye” *Call Ended*
After she get off the phone she got a text from her friend asking her to come hang out. After 10 minutes she leaves. Once I heard the door close, I wait 5 min before I exit the room. So her dad birthday party is next month. I have to make sure we are together so she takes me there. Then I can terminate him and end this mission and get my damn money,
I send her a text about the detail of our date.
Meet me at the train station at 6 on Friday. Wear something nice. Can’t wait to see you.😄😌
Y/N: See you then.🙂

I may not be able to update again until next week work and things.

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