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This one. Boy this one. I lost my work in the middle of it and had to ALMOST start over. luckily, though, I took screenshot and was talking about it with my friend when my app crashed. Convenient right? So glad T^T Sorry about the quality, I had to save it a couple of times and the more I save it, the more out of focus it is...
The original from Hiro Mashima himself (correct my spelling if I'm wrong)
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It's really good! Though this actually might surprise you but Hiro Mashima only drew the Tattoo version of Erza the others are actually done by a fan xD but I love what you did!
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@Franz115 Grab a tissue dammit 😂😂
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@AimeBolanos What?? really??
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I like the black and white one more.
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I would've kept the tattoo black
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