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I was tagged by @MandyNoona ^^ This is soooo hard though!! I love so many songs!
#5 GOT7 Like Oh This is my favorite song by GOT7 <3 I love the melody and this song really shows off how perfectly GOT7 vocals blend together, it gives me chills sometimes!! I even wrote some choreography to this song cuz GOT7 have never performed this song but I hope they do someday ^^ I seriously love this song
#4 BASTARZ Zero For Conduct I got really hype when I first heard this song live at KCON15, THEN I could not even control myself when they performed this at BLOCK B in Chicago!!! I was dancing along and omg this song gets me so excited everytime it comes on <3 This trio sub unit is just perfect! B-Bomb vocals are my favorite ^^
#3 Amber Beautiful This song is just... well beautiful. When this song came out is when I truly became a fan of Amber. Her voice is gorgeous and the lyrics to this song is gorgeous <3 This song also fits my vocal type as well so I feel confident and comfortable when I sing this song. I think I have a similar vocal type as Amber. Soft, smooth, quiet type? idk how to explain it haha. Love love love this song
#2 BTS Butterfly This song has brought me to tears before, especially the newer prologue version in the Forever Young album. I fell in love with this from the second I heard it in the prologue. This song is also one of the fastest Ive choreographed because the moves just came to me almost right away <3 One of my favorite BTS songs
#1 Sexy Free & Single Super Junior Always one of my favorite Super Junior songs ^^ idk listening to this song always makes me feel so cool and i LOVE the dance. Sexy sexy sexy~ ah I love it so much <3 SuJu will always been my #1 ^^
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great list!! Cool that you put your videos as reference! Butterfly is particularly gorgeous!