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Hope you all have fun 😭😭
I hope you guys have fun seeing Got7 next week when they come to America. I'm not going... But if someone has a group photo with them, you should tell them about me πŸ€—. There was a ticket in my price range, but it was only one and I don't want to go alone. So... Have fun guys... Please don't post about it and make others feel bad... Or post about it, I can't control you. Do what you want, it's a free country. Unless you don't live in America.... Which I envy you if you don't tbh. Because you won't have to deal with a bald orange being your president. I'm getting off track... ANYWAYS. Have fun, don't bother the boys too much, let them enjoy where they are so they can come back. If someone has to sell their ticket last minute, PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME!
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"Bald orange" γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ that's hilariously sad
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Oh I'll have fun alright@laurencaver7
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