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I liked this round of the game. I got a bias! Also I did a little storyline to add to it.
Dokyun says, "We should hang out more. I got an idea. A vacation!" Sihyoung, strolls on up, "Sounds awesome. I'm buying." Once there, Kyungil seems distracted. I ask what's up but just as he's about to say it Yijeong taps me on the shoulder, "The place is full so we're sharing a room. Hope that's cool?" Jaeho seeing everyone hanging out and having fun asks if I could join him on the beach. We have fun talking and he asks if I mind dinner with him. We have a delicious meal and while back on the beach to end the day Dokyun comes up. "Having fun? Told you a trip would be a good idea. Theres just one thing left to do." Next thing I know I'm in the oceans cool waters. I emerge in laughter completely happy despite being drenched as I splash them back. As we all reconvene on the beach we settle by a bonfire where Jaeho confesses to me. And we're still dating. @MrsKyungil
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oh I loved the storyline idea!!