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Idols work hard to maintain their images, and we often hear about idols avoiding eating certain foods and even skipping meals entirely in order to maintain that image. I think that is why it is often gratifying to see them enjoying delicious food. This week let's take a peek at our Bobby as he eats deliciously :)
and a little something extra...
Screw image I'd rather see these boys stuffing their faces, eating good and know they're happy and healthy than not eating or eating away from the public eye because of their "image" I will say though that from what I've seen they don't really focus too much on image which makes me happy haha but I love these gifs and pictures of my adorable boys eating! It's something I'll never get tired of💖 Also looks like we're all Bobby's type so we all have a chance finally 😂😂
BOBBY!! Im more like a sack of potatoes 😂😂😂
I love potatoes XD I love bobby
Bobby is seriously the cutest ugh why does he even kill me when he is eating. I can't handle this boy