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LGBT Community! <3

I just don't understand with why people can be so cruel to the LGBT community. For LGBT's, they have not much freedom that much or rights considering their is violence towards them a lot and for the community to not live in peace. For people of a different sexuality, they should be allowed to find someone who makes them joyous and loves them just as heterosexuals have that privilege without constant hate. Along with that, LGBT's are human as well and get treated as if they don't deserve to be allowed for who they are which is insensitive and selfish. I mean of what happened in Orlando with the Pulse nightclub shooting is an example of how LGBT's are treated with being killed for what they wanted to be regarding of their feelings towards themselves. Furthermore, God made this Earth for humans to find another person to share eternal love forever, so why is the world today not following God's way and for not letting people live their lives like the LGBT's and for them to enjoy their lives fully with their other half? However, I do get many people do not like the LGBT's lifestyle, etc. but to at least show some respect/sympathy is more worthwhile than wasting time pouring out hate because at the end of the day, hate is just pathetic. Our world does need a bit of a wake up call and to show respect more for others because in all, treat others the way you want to be treated because kindness is the key to a long, full-filling life! 💘 #LoveMoreHateLess