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From Dabid on Animetoynews.com: "While many D-Arts Mega Man X collectors were pining away for the reissue of the regular Mega Man X D-Arts figure, the D-Arts Zero (Type 2) figure quietly sold out and then became insanely expensively on the aftermarket. That left a lot of collectors sad and sword-wielding Zero-less. But fear not, Mega Man fans! The kind-hearted folks at Bandai have something in store that’s going to be a big hit both with collectors who already have the original Type 2 Zero D-Arts action figure and those who aren’t that lucky–the just-announced D-Arts Black Zero figure! Now that Mega Man X has been re-released in the United States, Type-2 Zero has become the single rarest and most expensive Mega Man D-Arts figure on the secondary market. Reissues are always a bit of a tricky thing. When Bluefin Distribution did a full reissue of the first Mega Man X figure for the United States, a lot of collectors grumbled that their original edition of the figure lost value. Even so, many Mega Man X fans missed out on the Zero Type-2 D-Arts figure and desperately wanted a Zero with Z-Sabre for their collections. The original red D-Arts Zero with Z-Sabre Sword action figure sells for $100+ on ebay now, putting it well out of the reach of many fans. So what could Bandai do to please everyone…? How about an ultra-slick repaint of the D-Arts Mega Man X Zero Type-2 figure, this time in his ultimate Black Zero color scheme?! This particular Black Zero Bandai action figure is based off the character’s first appearance, from the Mega Man X4 video game. In Mega Man X4 Black Zero was just a palette-swap with no additional advantages, but man, does it make Zero look cool! In keeping with his appearances in the Mega Man X video games series, Black Zero’s Z-Sabre blade will be purple this time, as opposed to the blue blade of the Z-Sabre that came with the old red Zero Type-2 figure. That’s A-OK with me–the purple is the correct color, and it looks totally swank complementing the green and black paints of Black Zero’s color scheme. Black Zero will come with two alternate face plates. These will look familiar to fans who have the first edition Bandai Zero Type-2 D-Arts figure, as they’re the same extra faces that came with that figure. I don’t particularly like either alternate face, personally–the stoic, stern default Zero face is perfect for any Mega Man X Zero figures in my collection. I always thought it was a mite peculiar that Zero’s hair turned into a silvery-tan color when he transformed into Black Zero, as opposed to the blond ponytail he usually sports. There’s no denying the hair looks great on this Bandai D-Arts Black Zero action figure, regardless. Bandai D-Arts Black Zero Figure with Purple SwordBlack Zero is scheduled to be released in Japan in late December 2013, and will reach the United States a few weeks later in early January 2014. Fans may want to pre-order the Black Zero D-Arts figure early, as it is a limited exclusive in Japan and will be hotly-demanded. The Mega Man X D-Arts Black Zero figure is now available for pre-order from BigBadToyStore. The figure has not yet been added to Amazon, but I’ll update with a link when (and if) Black Zero is available there as well."
@BlackMage Have you played most of the Mega Man games?
Zero was one of the best character post-nes.