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DAY 9 - Best anime villain?

Dren A.K.A. Kisshu from Tokyo Mew Mew!


Earth is a beautiful planet that is rich in natural resources and home to millions of living species. However, over the years 2,500 of these species have become extinct. Humans are taking for granted what Earth has to offer. They have become selfish, destroying nature to build polluted cities. Other planets are not so lucky. Their inhabitants envy the selfish humans and want Earth for themselves. These aliens, led by Deep Blue, use creatures called Predacytes and use their power to merge them with the DNA of animals to make monsters. Enter Elliot Grant and Wesley J. Coolidge, who are aware of Deep Blue's plot and plan to destroy the monsters with a project called The Mew Project. Five young girls (Zoey Hanson, Corina Bucksworth, Bridget Verdant, Kiki Benjamin, and Renee Roberts) are secretly fused with the DNA of a specific endangered animal giving them super powers. These girls will rise up to the threat of Deep Blue and his minions and stand up for every living animal on Earth.


To start off Dren is the villain of the Mews, he is an alien who is trying to takeover the human world because of what they did to their people back then. But what I love most about Dren is that even though he is their enemy, he isn't so bad. Anyone that has watched "Tokyo Mew Mew" knows what I'm talking about. Although he is the bad guy, he falls in love with Zoey and is afraid to hurt her which is why it's hard for him to win against the Mews.
I love his funny, carefree and cocky personality. He thinks he can easily win against anyone, but he can't.
I fell in love with this character so much so that near the end of the anime when Dren "dies", I bawled my eyes out along with Zoey as she was holding him. I was like "nooooooooo, why Dren?" But it's all good it had a happy ending anyway, thanks to the mews and he was still alive in the end along with everyone else that "died".
He is a likable character and most people shipped him with Zoey more than the male lead in this anime. I for one shipped them, but still shipped Zoey with Mark more. Dren is an adorable alien that is fun to watch and brings joy and laughter to the show!
To this day "Tokyo Mew Mew" is still one of my favorite anime's and it was one of my 1st anime's that I still adore and love! <3

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments who YOUR favorite anime villain is!

Let Me Know! ^.^~
Good choice! Im gonna have to say Light Yagami from Death Note! He is just so badass! Or Naraku from InuYasha! He's pure evil!
Ash/Angela from Black Butler
@KatieSaldivar Oh, how could I forget Naraku. He is really twisted but I still love Dren more! @SymoneBelcher Good one!
Zeref is my fav, his story and personality won me over
idk Light Yagami from Death Note he's just super smart or maybe Orochimaru from Naruto
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