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Part 7 Warning: Language, abuse, talks about suicide, depression, etc. _ * _ * _ * He brought her to the roof of his house. His parents were gone, luckily. "Why are we here?" He sat down on the ledge and patted the spot beside signaling her to sit and so she did. "Might as well have some peace before..." "Say it." "Our suicides, my dear." he turned to her. "We only have a few more hours, right?" She nodded her head yes. "Then we'll finally be happy." A small smile appeared on both faces... an empty smile that didn't quite reach their eyes. It seemed they were trying to convince themselves this was best, that this is how they would become happy. But was it really? Doubts kept coming to their minds only to have something happen to reassure them it was like the world wanted them gone...but who could really tell? "You wanna know something?" he asked. "What?" "You change... a lot. Like in the classroom Friday, I never would've thought you to scream and do what you did. You act like it didn't happen and around me you seem so calm and at peace but at the same time dead. When I watched you before it seemed like you were just cruising through." She just shrugged. "How am I supposed to act if I don't know who I am or what I want?" "Guess you're right. How much time do we have?" "Well right now it's 3 am so..." she calculated real quickly, "15 hours... thats a lot." They laughed slightly. "Well what do you want to do?" he questioned. "Market street then the bakeries." Her eyes glistened ever so slightly. "Okay we'll do that." _ * _ * _ * {30 minutes before brother's party in Y/N's room} "Y/N! Do you want to give me my present now or after?" Her called peering in the doorway. His voice was a poison that infected her lungs making it impossible to breathe. This time she was prepared, her and Yibo both sat on her bed wordlessly until she silently answered, "Follow me." she grabbed Yibo's hand as her brother followed them to the top of the building (where she brought Yibo after his suicide attempt). "Why did you make me walk all the way here?" Her brother spat. "And who is he and why is he with you?" he eyed the two anger burning. They walked to the ledge and turned around to face him. "I'm apart of your gift." Yibo answered with a sarcastic smile. "I ain't into that shit, Y/N!" he yelled. But they didn't reply. Just smiled... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . jumped...."Happy Birth-" . . . . . "NOOOO!!!"
A/N:......and SCENE! sorry just trying to lighten the mood :/.... LUV U! Hope you don't hate me but I was going to end it when Yibo had asked if they wanted to end it sooner so I gave them bonus time. Anyways let me know what you thought! I'm feeling much better, I think the problem was that I'm a serious insomniac and I don't exactly eat as much as ur supposed to bc im just never hungry, but I keep a continuous healthy weight so that's good but anyways it was messing with my health so.... YAY!!


Omigosh I think a little part of me died with them IDK I feel sad now 😒😒