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Topp Dogg Game: An outing with your friends
Ok so this is my very first game so I apologize if it's awful, also I don't know how to have multiple pictures go fast so can anyone help me with that😅, oh and be aware that 3 of the members will be paired up with someone else because I can't fit 13 into a slide. Anyway let us begin
Pick a door This is the one(s) who invite you to the outing
Pick an outfit This will determine where you go for your outing
Pick a number This is the person(s) that buy you all kinds of stuff while out together
Pick a color The one(s) who get jealous because you aren't giving them enough time with you
Pick a flower This is the person who stays by you the whole time (the remaining three members are below due to not enough slides)
I will post the results later maybe so I hope you don't mind waiting. I hope you enjoyed 😊 @VKookie47
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Door 5 Outfit 1 #7 Color Pink Flower 12 Can't back out now 😂
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Door #9 Outfit 6 #6 Color Teal Flower 5 Let's see which wacko I get.
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Door 9 Outfit 6 Number 5 Green Flower 7
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