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Day 1 - First Anime Ever Watched?

Hello, Vingle-world. I enjoy this site and reading what you all have to say - but I've never written anything on my one. But thanks to biancadanica98 , I've felt encouraged to share my thoughts on this fun little anime challenge.

I urge you to join in, too, if you are seeing this challenge for the first time!

So. Let's begin.
Unlike many of my peers, my anime obsession didn't begin at a young age with Pokemon, Naruto, or any other of those 90's original children's anime. My mother was very strict about what I watched on television, so every show I saw was extremely monitored. I think my mother falls into the type that thinks all anime is like an ecchi because she always told me that "that type of animation is of the devil". Sad, huh? I can't believe all of the animated adventures I was missing out on. Anyways, not the point.
During the summer after my last year in high school, I turned on Netflix and decided to try something new. I was getting tired of watching the same stuff over and over (mostly Disney movies) and, as a huge animation fanatic, I wasn't interested in trying any of the "popular" shows (such as OITNB, Bones, etc.). My step- brother, an anime fanatic since childhood, has always tried to get me interested in this new style of animation. Even though I LOVE animation, I always preferred the type of hand-drawn cartoon-style animation - such as the art that is seen in Disney's original films. Anyways, I finally caved in. When I was home alone with no one else around, I stumbled across this title, "Yamada's First Time" (aka B Gata H Kei).


Yamada is a beautifu 15 year old girl that enters the high school with an ambitious dream: to have sex with 100 guys. The problem is, she is a virgin - and she hasn't even has a boyfriend. When she meets the shy - and also virgin - Takashi Kosuda, she chooses him as her first "victim". But as the story progress, Yamada's plan isn't looking that it is going to reach any place ever, as she begins to have feelings for Kosuda.
When I first saw this title on Netflix, the animation looked kinda cute. Not really what I was used to, though. But the description sounded amusing, so I gave it a try. You know, I never knew that I would be so into a show that contained subtitles, a different art style, or such an obscure plot - such as this one. But I did.
Honestly, I don't remember too much about every part of this anime (it's been about 2 years and many binges later), but I think my favorite was the male character. He was kinda shy and quiet, but cute and understanding. Looking back, he was a pretty basic, semi-boring character, but I liked him.
But mostly, I find it funny how this show had the opportunity to become the super kinky show my mother always warmed me about (I mean come on, a girl who wants to sleep with 100 guys at the age of 15? I mean there's serious potential there), but in reality, I love how it just turned out to be a cute, sweet RomCom/School Life type of anime. Sure, there were some parts that could've been a little "ecchi-like", but it was mostly Yamada's imagination gone wild. I don't remember it being that bad.
Oh, and fun fact: I remember going online after I finished the season, looking for a season two - and even signing an online petition to try to get another one (lol). So yeah. That was the show that opened the door of my love for anime.
Heh. Guess you were wrong, mom; they're not all that bad. -_-

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments who YOUR favorite anime couple is!

I promise my cards won't always be this long! Thanks for hanging in there, though! ^_^ <3
oh never watches this anime but I really wanna do this challenge lol ^_^
@hanetama Yeah I got u ;)
Heck yeah! don't forget to tag me when you start so I know to check them out! :D
@hanetama I will most likely do it :D
@TakamiRen please do it! I'll subscribe and read every one :D
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