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WARNING: Adult Situations
You spend a nice relaxing day together, lounging around, learning about each other; physically and mentally. You’ve never felt more comfortable, more safe, or more at peace. The feeling when he touches you now not only turns your blood to fire but offers you warm, instant peace; like everything in your world is right.
The two of you wander, hand in hand, into the kitchen before dinner to find N and Narumi there. You stop in the doorway, Leo wrapping his arms around you from the back. You want to feel out the scene before you just go barging in.
The two are making dinner, looking like they’ve made enough for everyone. Their heads are together, small intimate smiles passing back and forth. You smile and snuggle back into Leo’s arms; it appears the afternoon was fortuitous for both couples. You clear your throat, making both of them glance up at once.
“Good Evening,” you smile. You receive a smile and ‘Good Evening’ back from N, Narumi turns a bright shade of pink and looks down at the food.
“Do the two of you require help?”
“I told the guys to be back by supper.”
N nods, “Yes, that would be the reason we are making dinner. Did the two of you enjoy your afternoon?”
Narumi looks up at you from under her lashes, a tiny giggle emitting from her lips. You know Leo won’t say anything; you can picture his face behind you just giving N one of his normal ‘seriously?’ looks. You decide to have a little fun.
“It was a rather pleasant afternoon thank you; much the same as yours I assume. Filled with love, adoration, exploration, stimulation…”.
Narumi is looking up at you with wide eyes, biting her lip to keep from laughing out loud. The look on N’s face is hilarious. He can’t believe you would say such things in front of him. You can feel Leo’s face in your hair and his chuckle against your back.
“Well, was your afternoon not so enjoyable as ours?”
Narumi looks up at you with a sly grin and in English replies, “Yes. It was.”
N looks like he’s about to fall over in embarrassment and shock. You can’t hold it in anymore, you burst out laughing.
“Dear N, I’m sorry. But you did ask and I remember a talk we had once about honesty, do you not?”
He twists his lips and rolls his eyes, finally laughing out loud.
“I’ll remember to be careful what I ask for from now on.”
“As you should,” Leo responds. “Now, any other questions or do you need some help with the food?”
When the guys return, they wander around awkwardly. How do you react when you know that two of your brothers have been having sex all afternoon? As N stated when you moved in, they are all full-bodied, red blooded men and probably wish they’d been able to have their own afternoon explorations. You decide that the thick tension needs to leave. You wander around from brother to brother; hugging, tickling or pinching their cheeks.
When you approach Hyuk first and pinch his lovable cheeks everyone in the room freezes in horror. All eyes turn to Leo who simply turns a bland face to them. No one knows whether to push you away in fear of him or relax and let you tease. As soon as you start shaking Hyuk’s cheeks, flipping his head, and calling him “Such a lovable little chipmunk,” you can hear Leo quietly turn away and laugh.
Ravi comes forward.
“What’s this? We can touch you now? He won’t attack us?”
You throw your arm around Ravi’s shoulders, “Oh Ravi. I never would have let him hurt you, didn’t I prove that to you?”
He nods mindlessly, so you reach over under his arm and tickle him. He gasps and backs off.
You look at the ceiling in frustration and let out a roar.
“Has he attacked you? Does he look like he’s going to attack you? Am I a leper?”
Hongbin comes forward and pushes your shoulder playfully. He looks over at Leo who simply stares at him and raises an eyebrow. You lean over and whisper to him,
“I don’t suggest you play rough.”
His eyes widen and he steps back, to which you laugh and jump on his back.
“Hongbin! Take me to Ken!”
Out of the corner of your eye you see Leo shake his head and go back to his notepad.
Ken, standing by the kitchen door watches you advance on Hongbin’s back in awe. He turns to look in the kitchen at N and Narumi, then back to you.
“Seriously? One afternoon of sex and he’s good with us touching you?”
Hongbin puts you down and you stand in front of him.
“To a certain extent you are no longer a threat. Our bond is unbreakable and he knows how I see each of you and feel about you.”
You look around him to the two in the kitchen, “However, that case is still new. I don’t suggest being within 10 feet of her yet.”
With that you jump up, pat him on the head and wander back over to Leo. Without looking up he simply opens his arms for you to sit in his lap, brings his notepad back around and continues writing.
After about ten minutes, it is still deathly silent and no one has moved from where you left them. You look around and very deviously yell,
Ravi and Hyuk jump, Ken and Hongbin look at you like you’ve lost your senses. You think its uncontrollably funny and have a great time laughing. Leo finally puts his notepad and pen to the side.
“Quit teasing them Jagi, they are frightened little bunnies.”
You bite your lip and laugh some more.
Leo’s insult is all it takes and the room suddenly erupts in insults and physical male fighting.
So cute! I'm glad the boys can be more comfortable with me now. They are way too fun to not be able to hang out/mess with.
That was amazing! The teasing made me laugh so hard, it's so cute. I love it!
So cute!! 😸☺️
That looked like so much fun!
It's the middle of the night, the walls in my house are thin, and I'm supposed to be asleep. Man, I hope my parents didn't hear me almost dying😂😂😂
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