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Super Junior Mod :)
So, the moderators came out... :)
Vingle chose me as Super Junior's moderator for this quarter and I'm so excited and thankful. I'm new at this position, but I'll do my best. So, please take care of me :)
I hope to help the community grow with my very wonderful support mods, @Kpossible4250 and @KokoroNoTakara :) If you guys are interested in helping us out, shoot me a message! I believe I have about 4 spaces left :)
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@szewwy Thank you :)
a year ago·Reply
Congrats! looking forward to more SuJu cards
a year ago·Reply
@KellyOConnor Thanks! :)
a year ago·Reply
Congratulations! Please tag me, I miss SuJu :)
a year ago·Reply
@Lelulgc Will do :)
a year ago·Reply