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The house was suspiciously quiet. I knew Cathleen and Jungkook were in the kitchen being all lovey dovey and stuff, but everyone else was just in their rooms doing their own things. Did they forget it was my birthday? I was always the first person to say happy birthday to all of the members, exactly at midnight. Why couldn’t they do the same? Or at least remember... I sighed to myself. Given the current circumstances, I’m sure no one would notice if I went out for a little bit. I threw on my hat, sunglasses, and mask, before quietly closing the door to my room and sneaking to the front door.

“Kookie! You have to start the mixer on a low speed before turning it up faster!” I heard Cathleen burst out laughing as I passed the kitchen. I glanced towards the door with slight sadness. They were in there laughing and having fun together, not giving a care in the world about little old Tae. With renewed determination, I left the house. It was my birthday, might as well make the most of it! I pulled out a small stack of birthday coupons that were sent to me by all of my favorite places. My stomach began to growl, so I decided my first stop would be the ramyun restaurant around the corner. I could go for a free bowl of ramyun.

I sat at my usual table in the back corner where no customers like to sit. The owner and employees knew who I was, but they always swore to keep my identity a secret when I was here. I was, after all, a regular. My mouth watered instantly as the lady set my bowl of ramyun in front of me. Nothing beat their ramyun, and I dug in immediately. On my tray, the owner left a small note wishing me happy birthday. The first person to even acknowledge that it was my birthday.
I was so engrossed in my meal, I didn’t notice a shady looking character sit nearby.

“Thank you so much it was delicious!” I gave the girl my rectangular smile, and handed her my empty bowl. I walked up to the front to thank the owner once again, then walked out to head to my next destination. What better way to follow a bowl ramyun than with a bowl of ice cream? As I walked to the ice cream parlor, I began to day dream about what flavors I should get. Rocky Road was my favorite, but what went well with that flavor? My thoughts were interrupted as a hand clamped over my mouth and I was pulled into an alley.

“Don’t fight back. You’ll only make it worse for yourself.” He shoved me into the back seat of a van and ordered me to buckle up. This had to be the worst birthday ever. I tapped the man on the shoulder after he climbed into the driver’s seat, and he looked at me in annoyance. “What do you want?”

“Well, it’s kinda my birthday today, and I haven’t gotten to use my free double scoop coupon at the ice cream parlor. Can we stop there real fast and then you can carry on with this kidnapping thing? I promise I’ll be really good.” He looked at me with complete confusion and even more annoyance. It was an honest question. He snorted before turning around, jamming the key into the ignition, and hitting the gas. I guess that’s a no. My mind was filled with fear, but was temporarily overcome with thoughts of sadness. I would never get my free double scoop from the ice cream parlor.
It was requested, therefore I delivered! Here is a small mini chapter of what happened to day, as well as a little look into his day before he was kidnapped!
Aww, I feel so bad that he felt left out AND got kidnapped ON HIS BIRTHDAY. And the worst part is he didn't get his ice cream! How cruel!😤
@11erinmims That would have been so cool not crazy at all, well maybe a little! ahaha!!😂😂
@MrsChanyeol Literally what I was thinking 😂😂😂
😂😂only V would say something so unexpected during a kidnapping
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