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Chanyeol has answered a question that many EXO-L are dying to ask! On June 29, at the movie premiere of 'So I Married an Anti-Fan', Chanyeol was asked, "Is there a possibility of you dating your fan?" The idol star answered, "You never know what can happen, so I can't give you a definite answer." He then portrayed love for his fans, and continued, "In the movie, the star films a reality show with his fans, and I came to think that it'll be very fun if I get to film a show with my fans in reality." Source: Allkpop
Wow what an awesome answer... There's hope for us after all lol~ My Kpop Fam: @RochelleRose @UKissMeKevin @EmilyPeacock @Winx9119 @evieevelyn @BBxGD @TheEnlightment
@Lexxcisco let's do it! I wanna find Minseok Oppa while I'm at it lol
@Lexxcisco you and me both~
@MirandaStephens in his movie they're "fans" like actors, but he wants to do an actual reality show just like it.
well damnnn 😶
wow the people in it are his real fans?!
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