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Photographer Aaron J. Groen "Supermoon rises over this road to nowhere in eastern South Dakota."
why is the moon so big? reminds of that scene in Bruce Almighty when Bruce pulls the moon closer to Earth to impress his gf(wife?)
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WoW it looks like you could run right down the road to it!
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@minjaeturtles actually at the time, maybe a month ago, the Moon was physically closer to the Earth. Also, the Moon always looks bigger when it's closer to the horizon because of objects that are nearby.
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@BlackMage thanks for the info!
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@minjaeturtles Yesss, thanks for eplaining it so much! I'm sorry I'm never timely with my answers @minjaeturtles :P @Jo32971 I know! I want to...I really do. (^_^)
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