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Road to Nowhere - Supermoon
Photographer Aaron J. Groen "Supermoon rises over this road to nowhere in eastern South Dakota."
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why is the moon so big? reminds of that scene in Bruce Almighty when Bruce pulls the moon closer to Earth to impress his gf(wife?)
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WoW it looks like you could run right down the road to it!
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@minjaeturtles actually at the time, maybe a month ago, the Moon was physically closer to the Earth. Also, the Moon always looks bigger when it's closer to the horizon because of objects that are nearby.
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@BlackMage thanks for the info!
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@minjaeturtles Yesss, thanks for eplaining it so much! I'm sorry I'm never timely with my answers @minjaeturtles :P @Jo32971 I know! I want to...I really do. (^_^)
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