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I don't normally post things list but dear god I couldn't stop laughing XD I'm the kind of person that absolutely HATES John Cena memes, but I still laugh every single time because they get me every. single. time.

I don't care if this was scripted or not, it still makes me laugh/smile/cry all at once, and that's what I needed today.

Thanks John Cena. You're right, I did smile :D
(Oh, and even if you don't like WWE, John Cena is actually a super nice dude who has participated in more than 500 Make A Wish Foundation wishes....so yeah. He's a cool guy. Give him a break, even if his meme is annoying!!)
HAHA My favorite was the kid who just threw himself onto the ground in shock the moment John Cena came out. @arnelli @GalaxyTacoCat @buddyesd YOU GUYS WOULD ENJOY THIS ONE.
oh man I would be like freakin out too hahaha all the kids had great reactions hahaha the mariachis were cool lol
I laughed so hard...I actually have cricket as my wireless provider so I was kinda jealous that I didn't get the memo...lol but this was awesome my son would have flipped his lid for sure
@buddyesd YOU FLATTER ME.
@danidee I'd be like freakin out and then give a shout out to my danidee馃槉馃槉馃槉
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