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Alright, I'm not a big milk fan to begin with, but WATERMELON MILK!?


Here's a list of a few Korean milk drinks I've heard of:

우유 - Milk


두유 - Soy Milk


바나나우유 - Banana Milk


딸기우유 - Strawberry Milk


커피우유 - Coffee Milk


수박우유 - Watermelon Milk


메론우유 - Melon Milk


This group is named 딸기우유 ~ Strawberry Milk :D

(they're a subgroup of Crayon Pop who is a group you NEED in your life)

What do you think? I love banana milk but Melon Milk? Could you get into?

I actually had banana milk sold at my school, it was great. It tasted sort of like a smoothie version of banana laffy taffy, but it tasted really good!
I like banana and strawberry milk. I would like to try watermelon and melon milk. I wonder how they taste?
watermelon milk is delicious
@SabrinaSakura it does! super creamy and delicious^^
@kpopandkimchi I do admit the first time my cousin bought it for me I was like what even is this but it grew on me 😂
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