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I know Suga is irrelevant but he is just so bad ass I can't... Hey Everyone~ I am currently thinking about updating my tag lists. They are so disorganized it bothers me. I know many vinglers who don't really pay attention to a certain collection of mine. I don't mind we all have favorites. Believe me I have a favorite collection of my own xD But if you want to be tagged in a certain collection then let me know :D
Then there is my collection... It's just whatever xD

~TOPP DOGG RELATED CARDS & SUCH~ I know, Cute title. But this is obviously where Topp Dogg will be chilling at xD

KPOP COLLAGES This is the collection where I make collages and edits for you guys! It's so fun.

FANFICTIONS {I am Heechul when I read my fav fanfics xD}"I like to write some stories about idols....Half are a bit dirty but fair warning xD

A HOPING LOVE STORY Okay this is the only fanfiction of mine that has it's own collection for a reason. It's my very first fanfiction ever and it skyrocketed.

ANYTHING SEVENTEEN This collection is literally everything Seventeen based...

BTS FANFICTIONS This is where all my BTS fanfictions are located.

GOT7 FANFICTIONS This is where all my GOT7 fanfictions are located.

DID YOU KNOW? I post facts about the Kpop group or artist. Make sure you get deeper into this joyful world.

tag me for all please
Dude, just tag me in everything. I love all of your stuff! πŸ’•
tag me in everything please. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
keep me tagged in everything I guess.
Everything please αƒš(βŒ’β–½βŒ’αƒš)
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