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So I've decided that these boys deserve a card all about them.(also it's my entry for the last monsta x squad spot.) But that's besides the point. These boys are completly amazing so how about we get started.
Before these seven boys were able to debut, they had to fight for it. With 12 original members, 13 about halfway through, these boys survived and created Monsta X. BTW this series brought tears to my eyes. I'm not kidding.
The oldest member: Wonho( Real Name- Shin HoSeok) He is the first one to have shown his abs. He is an amazing singer and an awesome hyung to his members. (Vocal)
The Leader: Shownu(Real Name: Son HyunWoo) He is the dancer of the group and the second oldest. He is one of the two members to have danced on stage with other idols. He is a very good leader and a great role model for the younger members. (Vocal)
The Main Vocal: Kihyun( Yoon KiHyun) This man has the vocal cords of a god. I am not joking when I say he is an out-of-this-world singer. He is the third oldest and, I hate to say it, the shortest. But he makes up for it with his smile, kindness, and voice. He has also made a track with Giriboy and Soyou of Sistar. (Vocal)
The Visual: Hyungwon( Real Name- Chae HyungWon) He is the tallest member and before he was a trainee, he was a model. I think he should try being an actor as well because he is really good at it. He also likes to prank younger members. He is the middle child but he is noticed an loved by fans and members. (Vocal)
The Rapper: Jooheon( Real Name- Lee Jooheon) He is the king of polar personalites. He can either freaking adorable or freaking Badass. But at heart he has got the member's love. He was the one to take care of I.M when he came to No.Mercy so feel like he loves them all even more than family. He is the fifth oldest. He has also made song with San E and Hyolyn and also Mad Clown. He has a mixtape out as well. (Rapper)
The 4D member: Minhyuk( Real Name- Lee MinHyuk) The kid is so cute yet he can be sexy as hell when he wants to be, he could be called the Umma of the group becuase he makes sure all the members are safe and happy. He is the sixth oldest. He is crazy yet caring, loving and amazing. (Vocal
The Maknae: I.M(Real Name-Lim ChangKyun) Even though he came into No.Mercy halfway through, I feel as though he has earned his spot in the group amd made it even better than it already was. He is the youngest mamber. Like Jooheon he cam be both but he amazing at what he does. Also He is either working on producing or has already produced a Mixtape.
I would also like to put a smallish section on about the ships that Monbebes have created with in Monsta X.( These are the ones I'm aware of or have seen in the All In MV.) JooKyun. JooHyuk. ShowHyuk. MinKyun. ShowKyun. ShowWon. ChangMin. HyunHyun. MinHyung.x2 Once again im sorry if i got ships wrong. Also I've noticed that I ship that Maknae line With everyone. @VatcheeAfandi99
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