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This is for @Alise and @Tapsamai, urban Macau is like this, just away from the City Center along the Peninsula. It has a very organic feel with narrow streets and pathways leading to residential units located upstairs.
@miranpark88, the food is quite exciting there. Cantonese cuisine in Hong Kong and Macanese food in Macau. You should stay longer to take in the sights. Which places in Macau did you manage to sight see?
I remember going to Macau last Aprilll had such a good time, and of course while I was in Hong Kong i got to try their amazing dumplingsssss :3
@alise Yes, according to my friend who went to Barcelona, it has the same narrow style but Macau is a little more messy with all the cables hanging about :-)
Somehow, I looked at this photo, I think of the street in Barcelona. Small narrow street, with balcony like this :). Anyway, nice shot you have here Mr. BenardQuek
@curtisb @tapsamai, many HK residents go there over the weekend for photography as well. It has a provincial charm and most local residents are pretty friendly. Macanese food too is very popular, it's a fusion between Portuguese and Chinese cooking styles.
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